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Home Decoration and Meditation Products

Furniture Models and Prices

Furniture models and prices vary depending on the material the furniture is made of, its quality, design and brand. Furniture has a very wide price range. The price of furniture that uses quality materials and is made of special trees is slightly higher than other furniture. The main types of furniture used in homes are sofas, tables, chairs, coffee tables and TV units. These furniture are indispensable and complementary parts of homes. Our home is our living space and the place where we spend most of our days. Therefore, the importance of having a well-decorated house equipped with beautiful furniture increases even more. A comfortable and wide armchair in your living room will help you relieve all the tiredness of the day and have a pleasant time.

Decoration Models and Prices

Decoration products are indispensable for a home. Decoration products are complementary to a home and add a different energy to the home. If you decorate your home with beautiful items, your home will be more livable and energetic for you. The main decoration models are candlesticks, candle holders, paintings, wicker baskets and decorative accessories. For example, burning candles and incense in a beautiful candle holder will add a special atmosphere to your home and increase the enjoyment of the time you spend. An artistic painting will appeal to your aesthetic taste and provide you with a more enjoyable environment. Prices of decoration products vary depending on the materials used, workmanship and design. Therefore, we can say that the prices of decoration models move within a very wide scale.

Meditation Products

Meditation is an activity to relax our minds and get away from negative energy. Meditation products are products that we use while meditating and that are good for us. With the spread of activities such as meditation and yoga, people have begun to show great interest in meditation products. Incense, censers, seeds and essential oils are the main meditation products. The pleasant scents of incense burned while meditating will increase your energy and save you from bad energy.

Incense Sets

Incense sets consist of incense, incense holder, bahur and wish candle. Incense sets have all the technical equipment necessary for your incense burning activity and are your biggest supporter in your pleasant moments.

Natural Candle Types

Natural candles are candles that do not contain synthetic or chemical substances. Natural candles are generally made of natural materials such as beeswax, soy wax, coconut wax and bee wax. Since natural candles are made from natural products, they do not adversely affect your health and are good for you. It is a very popular type of candle due to the dim light and pleasant scents it gives to the environment. Natural candles can also be in stick, pyramid and face shapes. Natural candles contribute to the environment as an aesthetic element in addition to the ambiance and scent they give.

Beeswax Candles: Beeswax candles are candles made by melting and filling sheets of beeswax. It is a type of natural candle with a light and sweet scent.

Soy Candles: Soy candles are a type of natural candle made from soybeans. They burn slower and leave less smoke.

Coconut Candles: Coconut candles are a type of natural candle made from coconut shell. It burns quickly and is odorless.

Bee wax candles: They are obtained from natural bee wax. They are more expensive than other candles, but they burn cleaner and provide a better scent.

Censer Types

The incense burner is a meditation product that heats essential oils and creates pleasant scents. Main varieties; ceramic censer, stone censer, wooden censer, glass censer, metal censer. Incense burners are designed in many different ways and, apart from being a heating tool, they also add an aesthetic appearance to the environment.


Chappal designs unique clothes by combining its unique design and quality threads. Chappal produces clothing products such as trousers, dresses, bustier, overalls, shirts and tunics. Chappal products are completely handmade, which makes the wearer feel very special. Since the clothes are handmade, each outfit is unique and special.


Chappal, which has products such as lavender water, myrtle water, rose water, purifying serum and facial serums, shows the necessary care and sensitivity to you and your skin. Chappal cosmetic products consist of natural oils, essences and liquids. These products will be good for your skin and skin health. Natural cosmetic products play a very important role in not only being good for your skin but also making you feel good and boosting your self-confidence. It is a must for personal care.