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Serenity Stick Incense Kit

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This magnificent kit includes four different types of incense and an elegant Brass Stick Incense Burner. Each incense brings a unique energy to your home with its carefully selected essences. Pure Stick Incense Jasmine: Fill your home with freshness and romance. Create a peaceful atmosphere in your home with the refreshing and floral touches of jasmine. Soul Stick Incense Sandal: Relax your soul and create a calming atmosphere to restore inner balance. Bring peace to your home with the impressive scent of sandalwood. Relax Stick Incense Balm: Reduce daily stress and discover inner serenity. The light and fresh scent of Melisa provides calm relaxation in your home. Earth Stick Incense Oud: Bring the magical atmosphere of nature into your home by going on a mystical journey. Create a unique energy in your home with the intense and impressive aroma of Oud. Brass Stick Incense Burner: The elegant brass incense burner, designed to preserve each incense, is not only a decorative item but also adds an aesthetic touch to your home.

Usage Suggestion

It is quite simple to use. First, place your incense sticks in an incense holder or suitable container. Then, hold the tip of the incense in a flame and hold the flame for a few seconds. After extinguishing the flame, the tip of the incense stick begins to burn slightly.

Carefully blow out the incense flame and direct the smoke from the stick to the area you want to enjoy. If your incense stick stops burning, you can continue by holding its tip to the fire again. Incense sticks usually burn slowly. Therefore, if you want to avoid burning the entire stick at once and use it later, you can put the burning part without a flame. Finally, make sure the incense is completely extinguished.

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Deniz Özteoman Sucu

Serenity Stick Tütsü Kiti

Volkan Tetik

Güzel ve kaliteli ürünleriniz için teşekkür ederim iyi çalışmalar saygılar…

Aygül Aşır

Serenity Stick Tütsü Kiti

Deniz Avşar

Tütsüler güzel ama tütsülükle beraber aldım , malesef çubuklar tam oturmuyor bu sebeple biraz puan kırdım


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