Things That Are Good for Your Soul, Body and Home

  • Chappal Villlage

    The name Chappal, which means slippers or sandals in Hindi, was chosen to describe the comfort you feel in your most special place, your home, when you enter your home after a long day and put on your slippers.

    The story of the Chappal brand started in 2020 in a small warehouse with specially designed incense, incense holders, censers, and specially produced essential oils, and then continued with the addition of furniture and decoration products to a 240-year-old mansion office in Yeniköy.

    It continues its existence to offer the most special experience to its customers in its private store in Yeniköy, now known as Chappal Mansion.

    The brand, which embraces its users from the sofa they sit on, to the palo santo they burn to refresh their souls, from the coffee table where they pour their freshly brewed coffee to the dining tables where pleasant conversations take place, is on its way to becoming the leading brand that offers a comfortable and stylish life experience.


    Yeniköy Mah. Yeniköy Yağhanesi St. No:4 Chappal Mansion Sarıyer / Istanbul