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What is Peganum Seed? Where to use?

Üzerlik Tohumu Nedir? Nerelerde Kullanılır?

Peganum seed is also known as evil eye herb in our culture. It is still used today against the evil eye in regions where shaman culture is still widespread and in parts of our country that continue this heritage.


Peganum, scientifically called "Peganum Hamala", grows widely in provinces such as Ankara, Sivas, Yozgat, Erzincan and Konya in the Central Anatolia Region of our country, as it grows in barren regions. It is a plant species that is very common in the hot climates of Africa and Asia, as well as in the hot climates of the Americas. As everyone knows, the first use of the herb, which has two different uses, is as incense, while the other is to brew the seeds as tea.

Hormonal herb, also known as evil eye herb in society, is a type of incense that many people use to purify themselves from bad energies at home or on themselves. Although the history of the herb, which has a very mystical effect, dates back to ancient times, it has also accompanied many rituals in the shaman culture, such as purifying people from evil spirits, expelling negative energy, and protection from spells. It is known that in ancient times, sorghum was used in funeral ceremonies, especially as incense. Today, in regions where Shaman culture is still widespread, the herb continues to accompany rituals. In addition, the smoke obtained by burning the seeds of the sorghum is also used to kill harmful insects.

Today, the herb has multiple uses based on both superstition and scientific beliefs. When consumed as tea, it strengthens the person's body by eliminating some types of colds such as runny nose, cough, and conjunctivitis caused by allergies. Since it has a very strong expectorant feature, it cleans the throat and lungs when used regularly and largely eliminates shortness of breath. Apart from this, Tapeworm etc. While it makes getting rid of intestinal worms easier, pelargonium seeds can be used as a supplement to people suffering from epilepsy as well as people fighting cancer. This herbal tea, which is obtained by steeping a teaspoon of peganum seeds in a glass of water for 5 minutes, should be consumed more than 2 glasses a day.