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What is a Censer? How to Use a Censer?

Buhurdanlık Nedir? Buhurdanlık Nasıl Kullanılır?

What you decide to fill your censer with is important. One of the best features of using an incense burner is the low risk of starting a fire. Incense burners keep the fire under control and neatly catch all the scattered ashes.

What is the Key to Serenity?

If we talk about the Incense Burner, which provides people with a high level of serenity, what would you like to know? Maybe for what purpose it is used, its effects on individuals, how it is used, or maybe what it is...

The Incense Burner, which is among the most curious topics, is a very special accessory used for aromatherapy purposes and creates inner peace for the person. The incense burner began to be used in negative times, especially during meditation and rituals, to balance the body and mind. Over time, it began to have an aromatic effect that increases the serenity and motivation of people during reiki studies, energy studies, meditation, telepathy and pendulum healing.

How to Use the Incense Burner

The incense burner can be used in more than one way, and at this point it is important what we should fill the incense burner with. So much so that while some people prefer sand and salt when using the incense burner, some people prefer to use it with water. Although there are differences in the way they are used, the scent emitted by the aromatherapy oils used has the same effect. The reason for this is that the aromatherapy oils used spread into the environment in a very short time with the heat source used and their effect remains in the environment for a long time.

With their vase-like appearance, incense burners are a very practical incense burning method. With this method, which is mostly used by preferring volatile aromatic oils in water and smoking them with a candle, the person can sleep comfortably, become serene, or switch to the frequency of love. At this point, attention should be paid to the intended use of the aromatic oils used. Because choosing the right materials is another important issue you need to know when using the Incense Burner. Since there are two types of aromatherapy oils: volatile and fixed, it is very important that the oil you choose is in volatile form and stored in a cool and sun-free place. Since these essential oils, produced as concentrated products, have a very intense effect even when used in drops, there will be no need to use excessive amounts of product. It is also very important that the heat source you use during the application is a natural, odorless tealight candle .

In addition to all the details we have mentioned when using the censer, attention should also be paid to the cleaning of the censer after use. You can get help from a slightly damp cloth while cleaning the incense burners. In this way, the censer will be ready for the next use and will allow you to smell the aromatic oils as on the first day. You can examine different incense burner designs and aromatherapy oils with their unique scents on and easily purchase the product.