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What Does Rustic Mean? Modern Rustic Decorating Ideas

Rustik Ne Demek? Modern Rustik Dekorasyon Fikirleri

When it comes to rustic decoration, its most distinctive feature is that it always emphasizes naturalness. Organic materials such as stone and wood, which can be found entirely in nature, are used.


The question of what rustic means is a question that raises a question mark in the minds of those interested in home decoration and is widely researched. If you have seen this word used frequently in decoration descriptions, but you do not know exactly what it means, this article is just for you. You can find answers to questions such as what does rustic mean, what is rustic, etc., and inspiring rustic decor ideas in the rest of our article. Since rustic decoration includes many different decoration styles, it may be difficult at first to distinguish this decor from other trends. However, if you understand certain main features, you will be able to recognize a rustic style decor immediately when you see it later.

To find an answer to the question of what is rustic, let's clarify what the word means before delving into the decoration meaning of this style. The word rustic means 'related to the countryside' or 'related to the countryside'. In fact, rustic decoration does not go far from its literal meaning. Just as chalets and rural houses stand out with the use of natural objects, it is also possible to see a similar use in rustic style. So, what does rustic style mean when decorating and more importantly, how is it applied?


When it comes to rustic decoration, its most distinctive feature is that it always emphasizes naturalness. Organic materials such as stone and wood, which can be found entirely in nature, are used. It is possible to list the most basic features of rustic home decoration as follows:

- Since rustic is inspired by the naturalness of the countryside, furniture made of real wood is preferred in decoration instead of artificial furniture that looks like a tree. In addition, instead of using processed, smooth-surfaced and polished woods, the pure, untreated wood with scratches and indentations is at the forefront. A perfectly flawless appearance is not required in rustic decoration. On the contrary, the unartificial appearance of the flaws creates a friendly and warm atmosphere.

-Remember the rural houses made of wood and stone that you often see in the movies. The most striking features of such houses are the presence of details such as animal skins and fireplaces. Since the rustic style embraces natural objects, it incorporates completely natural and different textures that are far from smoothness, such as the rough texture of stone fireplaces, the texture of animal hides, and the upper surface of wooden tables.

- The objects used in rustic decoration are generally objects that are not exactly the same. Therefore, if you want to give your home a rustic look, you can decorate it with handmade accessories. On the other hand, there is of course no rule that any handmade accessory will look nice as soon as it is put on. This accessory plays a complementary role and you should choose handmade accessories that are compatible with rustic furniture and have character and style. Additionally, using hand-woven rugs will add a rustic atmosphere to your decor.

-Rustic style embraces simplicity and nature. For example, instead of a shiny and processed polished table, a table made of untreated, completely natural wood is preferred. In this decoration style, neutral tones such as beige, brown and gray stand out. Since naturalness is the first requirement, rustic decoration does not contain unnatural, processed and modern objects such as metal, plastic and synthetic fabrics. However, with the modern rustic decoration trend becoming popular in our age, the strict line between rustic and modern has disappeared. Therefore, it can be a great idea to move the calm and friendly texture of rustic decor away from the rural area it appeals to and place it in the city, inside your home.


-White stone walls are always a good idea.

-Using wooden countertops in kitchens can be the first step towards a rustic kitchen.

-Instead of buying anything as decoration, it is possible to create very stylish rustic details with wood you collect from the forest.

-One of the most important objects to capture the natural atmosphere of country chalets will undoubtedly be the fireplace.

-Wooden beds can be a great idea to decorate a rustic bedroom.

-Rustic dining tables made of completely natural, unprocessed materials, where you can see the wood texture, will add both a stylish and natural look to your living room.