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What to Do with Reiki?

Reiki İle Neler Yapılır?

Reiki is healing through energy. A sick shadow is healed thanks to Reiki. We can cleanse your environment or your home, which absorbs all our energy, from negative energy thanks to Reiki.

What to Do with Reiki?

Reiki is healing through energy. A sick shadow is healed thanks to Reiki. We can cleanse your environment or your home, which absorbs all our energy, from negative energy thanks to Reiki. If your beloved friend or relative is in a difficult situation and needs your love and compassion, you can convey your bond of love to them through Reiki.

When a baby is born, both parents are born. No matter how meticulous we are when raising them, we can sometimes stumble in unexpected places and at unexpected times. Unwanted reactions may surprise both your baby and you. The reason for these reactions is triggers, that is, the behaviors or words spoken to you when you were a baby. These are so engrained in our subconscious that they come up at the most inopportune times. Reiki can be used to prevent triggers. Thanks to Reiki, you can heal and clear your subconscious. In this way, you can stay in the moment and enjoy the moment while your beloved baby grows up.

Thanks to Reiki, you can not only get rid of your past but also send energy to your future. If you have a very important meeting where you need to express yourself or an exam that will determine your future, you can benefit from Reiki energy and Reiki will support you on that day and time.

Unfortunately, you won't always have people around you who give you positive energy. The truth is that there will always be people who sometimes shake you with their negative thoughts. Even though it is said to 'get it out of your life', sometimes you will be too close to take it out of your life. If you can't remove them from your life, then get rid of the negative energy of those people with Reiki. Remember, everyone comes to life once. Thanks to Reiki, you should be healed and reach the energy of life.

You may experience problems in your private life, everything may be fine in life, but sometimes it can be annoying. You may not recognize your own spouse or lover. Thanks to Reiki energy, you can create a turning point in your private life. Financial difficulties have become commonplace in today's conditions, and you may be in this bored situation, too. Thanks to Reiki, you can attract abundance and achieve abundance of money. Remember, a miracle begins with believing.

Thanks to Reiki, you can also find healing for your chronic diseases. Reiki is an alternative medicine and complementary treatment method. Since it is a natural and supportive method, it can be used together with other treatment methods. If there is an energy need where you do not know, Reiki finds its way there.

Is a Special Moment Required for Reiki?

You can use Reiki in our daily lives whenever you want. Whenever you need time, Reiki is waiting for you with compassion. You can use a certain environment, meditation, a quiet place, incense or special scents, light or music if you want. Like medicine, it has no expiration date or overdose. It never expires, you can use it even after 70 years. There is no possibility of making a mistake, and no one will be harmed.

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Is Reiki Suitable for Everyone?

Reiki does not discriminate between people. It can be applied to everyone. There is no belief system. There is no need for academic knowledge for this. Reiki is its own knowledge, healing, it knows where to flow.

Is Reiki Reliable? Does It Have Any Harm or Side Effects?

Everything in the universe is energy, and even the universe itself is energy. Energy exists not to harm or destroy something, but to revitalize it and keep it alive. Reiki is so conscious that it knows how much energy to flow.

What harm does it cause to me when giving energy to someone else?

When we talk about Reiki we are talking about the flow of energy. Naturally, you may feel as if your energy is passing on to the other person, as if energy is being lost from you, which is very normal. You should not forget that you are the intermediary, that is, the energy from reiki flows through you. In this case, you actually benefit from that beautiful energy. Your energy also increases instead of decreasing.

Why Are Hands Healers in Reiki?

The use of hands as healers dates back to ancient times. It was believed that the patient was healed by placing his hands on the injured person. A mother measures her child's temperature with her hand and can tell the same degree with the thermometer. Again, when a mother's child is injured, she touches the injured area with compassion and the child is instantly healed. In fact, the energy of Reiki is used without knowing it.

Is There a Certain Age to Learn Reiki?

No, there is no such criterion. People of all ages can easily learn and apply it.