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How to Decorate in Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian style houses are among the most popular decoration styles today. This decoration has a natural, friendly and warm atmosphere.

What is Scandinavian Style Decoration?

Scandinavian style houses are among the most popular decoration styles today. In Scandinavian countries, due to their geographical characteristics, nights last half the year long, so people reflected the light into their homes. This decoration has a natural, friendly and warm atmosphere. Highlights include simplicity, functionality and comfort.

How to Decorate in Scandinavian Style?

If you want to make a Scandinavian style home decoration, you can start by changing your wall color. For this, plain and neutral colors are preferred. Generally, white wall color is in the foreground. If white is too raw for you, gray is among the preferred colors in Scandinavian style decoration. In some houses, only a few walls can be painted with different colors. For this purpose, alternatives such as green, blue or recently trendy brick color, which are colors from nature, are generally used.

Furniture preference is also simple; flashy and avant-garde models are not found in this style of decoration. Furniture is generally based on wood. It adds both naturalness and warmth to a wooden environment. You can add warmth to your home with a coffee table or dining table and chairs as wooden decor. Armchairs generally have cushions placed on a wooden frame. The single sofa known as armchair is of the same style and it is claimed that the important thing is comfort. A lot of small cushions, throw pillows and blankets are used as decoration. These products are the symbol of comfort.

Scandinavian style houses have enough everything. There are neither too many products nor too few. It is a simple style, without exaggeration. Unnecessary clutter with accessories is avoided. Being empty is one of the important factors for Scandinavian style decor.

The use of carpets is not common and is not even a preferred accessory. Wooden parquets are preferred as flooring.

The use of fireplaces is common in Scandinavian homes due to their cold climate. The fireplace will add visual warmth to the environment and will also affect the temperature of your room. If you are thinking of a Scandinavian style decoration, you can use a fireplace in your living room and plan your seating arrangement according to the fireplace. Another product used as decoration is live plants. Many natural things come first in this decoration.

If plain houses without any patterns come to mind, I want you to change your mind immediately. Because geometric patterns are also at the forefront in Scandinavian houses. You can turn your kitchen into a Scandinavian style by laying the intermediate tiles in the kitchen with asymmetric flat rectangular stones. The fashion for white stone and black joint harmony has come from past to present.

Curtains are not preferred for decoration in Scandinavian homes because daylight is very valuable in these countries. If curtains are to be used, light colored tulle or linen curtains are preferred.

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Paintings and frames are indispensable parts of Scandinavian style decor. Black frames on white walls, which are the symbol of purity, and many pictures, which are symbols of nature, are hung asymmetrically on the wall. The harmony of walls and frames creates a friendly warmth in Scandinavian homes.

Another product used in Scandinavian style home decoration is shelves. It adds elegance and ease of use to the space, both as a storage area and visually.

Lighting is a must for this style of decor. Because lighting is an important part of Scandinavian homes where there are a lot of nights. Portable indoor lighting such as floor lamps are items used for decorative purposes. The choice of wood and white is at the forefront in these products. Wooden and wicker chandeliers are also common in Scandinavian homes.

The reason why there are few furnishings in Scandinavian houses is both the importance given to convenience and comfort and the small location of the houses.

This style of houses, compatible with minimalist life, is still widely preferred today. People now avoid items that tire them out and waste too much time cleaning them, as much as possible. If you want to achieve Scandinavian style in your home, you can start by getting rid of excess items in your home. Then, you can create a warm environment in your home by making small, if not complete, changes in your wall colors. If changing furniture will tire you financially, you can add small touches by adding throw pillows and TV blankets to the sofas and sofas. It should not be forgotten that comfort is at the forefront in Scandinavian style decoration.

Which Stores Reflect Scandinavian Style Home Decoration in Turkey?

IKEA stores: In IKEA stores, a Swedish brand, you can see room plans structured in accordance with Scandinavian decor and get different inspirations.