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What Does Retro Mean? Retro Decoration in Homes

Retro Ne Demek? Evlerde Retro Dekorasyon

The word Retro , which is frequently mentioned when it comes to home decoration, is the shortened version of the word "Retrospective", which means looking back.


Furniture, carpets, works of art, lighting, everything we use at home, purchased to decorate our homes, where we spend most of our lives and reflect ourselves in their appearance, can reflect the visual design features of the time they were produced, or they can reflect the visual design features of the time they were produced, or they can reflect the current time with styles such as contemporary, antique, vintage, retro. It may be inspired by some other periods.

The word Retro , which is frequently mentioned when it comes to home decoration, is the shortened version of the word "Retrospective", which means looking back. Retro style in decoration means adapting and re-considering furniture, accessories or colors that are culturally outdated but with the intention of adding a historical value to the present day. Retro objects are not essentially old. It can be seen as a modern reproduction of a style from the past to the present, referring to the style of a classic.

Retro style covers a period from the 1950s to the 1980s. When we look at the style of the 1950s, we see chrome handles on the legs of the tables and chairs, upholstered chairs; Artificial and shiny leather, combined colors of red, yellow, pink and turquoise can be encountered. In the 1960s, the effects of the hippie movement were reflected. In these styles, we are greeted by visuals such as geometric patterns, flowers and peace symbols. When we look back at the 70s, blue and bright green tones come to the fore, while sofas, bar stools, ottomans, coffee tables and wide low armchairs, where brightness and fun images are much more visible, can define the mood of the period we are talking about.


Furniture designed as retro is lively, bright and very vibrantly coloured. Form, that is, appearance, is a much more important element than function in Retro style. At first glance, one might think that it would be a complex image, as it feels like a combination of colors and elements that are completely incompatible and even opposite. However, when taken as a whole, retro style adds a stylish and interesting design atmosphere to the space with conflicting prints and patterns.

Furniture produced in retro style are generally extraordinary designs with very shiny surfaces and smooth shapes. Retro products appear in the form of graphic prints in décor, geometric patterns in textiles, mats, flooring and wallpapers. These products are produced using chrome, wood, glass and plastic materials; In addition to being designed with the combination of intense and bright colors, it can also be designed with the combination of neutral and bright colors.

Of course, it is possible to use the dazzling and vibrant color combinations of the period it reflects in every room, but the retro style is generally most common in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. In an area with white or black tones in the background, products designed with a combination of colors such as red, blue, yellow and green can be placed. An eye-catching carpet in vibrant colors can be preferred on the floor of the guest room. If the retro style is to be used, the walls can be decorated with small pictures or posters with geometric patterns.

Many home decor objects such as very bold and bright colors, unusual shapes, abstract forms, artificial materials, records, old-style telephones and vintage lamps can be cited as examples of the characteristic designs of the retro style.

Vibrantly colored, bright and patterned rugs, knitted pouffes, and mixed patterned throw pillows can be cited as examples of objects that should be used for a space that can be decorated with a retro style. Different and highly detailed motifs on sofas, pillows, rugs or covers add a retro touch to your living space. It can help add atmosphere. In addition, legs made of wood or chrome can be preferred for almost all Retro style products.

When you want to decorate a space in retro style, the most popular choices are green, mustard yellow, pink, purple and red, black, white and brown color combinations. In order to successfully reflect the retro style, it is an important detail to choose furniture designed with bright colors. If you want to add a homely and natural atmosphere to your living spaces, softer tones than the main colors can also be considered among your choices. Polka dots and floral themed prints can be used for a look inspired by the 50s.