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What is Palo Santo Wood Incense?

Palo Santo Ağaç Tütsüsü Nedir?

Palo Santos grow in Peru. This tree, which grows only in the climate of South America, has been used by the people there for many purposes.

What is Palo Santo Wood Incense?

Palo Santos grow in Peru. This tree, which grows only in the climate of South America, has been used by the people there for many purposes. Palo Santo, known as the sacred tree, relaxes the body both physically and spiritually. Since it is a sacred tree and endangered, it is forbidden to cut the tree and its branches. It is under state protection. Palo Santo Tree Incense is produced from branches that have fallen to the ground. It has made a name for itself with its relaxing properties. It is not only relaxing but also gives intense energy to the environment. Palo Santo incense, which is also dominant in scent, makes your environment smell very nice. Its scent resembles a mixture of pine-mint-lemon and has a very effective scent. It is also believed that it brings luck by clearing the negative energy in the environment. It is used by burning 1 stick 10-15 times when stored in a cool and dry place. Storing it in a hot and humid environment may cause combustion problems. The product is normally used by burning, but it will spread its scent without burning. Limonene, which is commonly used in antidepressants, is also found in the Palo Santo tree.

What are the Benefits of Palo Santo Wood Incense?

The first thing that comes to mind is inner peace. In today's conditions, with the intense work tempo, we can have very stressful days. As a result of stress, we may feel anxious, unhappy, distressed, and constantly crying. You can find inner peace with the fascinating scent of Palo Santo. Again, due to the effects of stress and intense work tempo, you may feel depleted of energy and exhausted. Thanks to Palo Santo wood incense, your energy will be renewed. When it comes to busy work schedule, working people should not only come to mind. Being at home will also give you a rest in situations such as the exhaustion of school life.

Palo Santo tree incense, also known for its pain-relieving properties, has been used extensively in the past, especially for joint pain, and has become widespread today. It is also mentioned that it has therapeutic properties in respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and chronic cough.

It can also be used as a fly or insect repellent. It is not easy to get rid of mosquitoes, especially in hot weather, and their bites can be as annoying as they are painful. In such cases, it is also possible to get rid of insects and flies by using Palo Santo incense. Insects or flies with very high odor sensitivity will not be attracted to the smell of Palo Santo incense. It is also known to be effective against the evil eye. You can also get away from negative energies by smoking some of your belongings that you have to carry with you all the time.

A belief that people living in ancient civilizations attracted abundance by smoking their money with the Palo Santo tree has survived to this day. You can also increase the abundance of your money by smoking your wallets.

How to Use Palo Santo Tree Incense?

Hold your incense downwards and burn it with a lighter for 25-30 seconds to create a flame. Then extinguish this flame so that the incense will smoke for 1-2 minutes. If you use it for your environment, you can start smoking every corner. If you are going to use it for your own body, then you can circulate the incense around your body, thus you will reach inner peace. If you are going to study and cannot concentrate, you can place it in a fireproof container and use it this way for studying or any job that requires concentration. The thing to be careful about is to keep your incense away from children and pets.

In Which Situations Is Palo Santo Tree Incense Used?

In full moon and new moon rituals,

While doing yoga, meditation and in Spa centers,

In situations requiring concentration or creativity,

In intention studies,

As we wake up to a new day in the morning and relieve the stress and tension of the day before going to sleep at night,

Whenever you feel stuck during the day,

You can use Palo Santo tree incense to bring abundance and peace when you buy a new house or at your new workplace. You can spare time for yourself at certain times every day and make it a routine,

How to Tell if Palo Santo Tree Incense is Real?

Unnatural oil may have been applied to unreal Palo Santo Tree incense, so it may be slippery. These products ignite quickly, have higher smoke density, and have a heavier and more disturbing odor. A difference in size does not mean that the Palo Santo Tree Incense is not real. Since it is not a factory production, it is normal for there to be differences. Certified products should be preferred in the supply of these products.