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Chakras and Their Features

Çakralar ve Özellikleri

Energy is not something visible but something felt. For example, when a person enters an environment, if he receives positive energy, he will feel happier; if he receives negative energy, he may not be happy. In addition, people can spread positive or negative energy to the environment with their behaviors. Chakras have an important role in this regard. Thanks to the chakras, people can look at life more positively and live a prosperous life.

Life Energy: Our Chakras and Their Features

One of the most popular topics today is chakras and their features. So what does the word chakra mean? Chakra is basically the energy in our body. Although energy is something invisible to the naked eye, it is actually a phenomenon that our body feels strongly. In short, each energy point in our body represents our chakras, and our chakras represent the life energy in our body.

We have a total of 7 chakra points in our body that provide life energy, and these points work in the same way that our organs work interconnectedly. First of all, the most important point to know about chakras is that it is wrong to say that chakras do not work. Chakras are always in motion, they just work more or less. In this case, it causes a psychological and energetic imbalance in your body.

Well, have you ever thought about what the effects might be on us if our chakras are out of balance?

Our chakras are the points where we have energetic connections with the world, and in any imbalance that may occur, our life energy will decrease and we may be more prone to depression. Again, we are affected by the negative discourses around us, even if we do not want to. Our tolerance threshold towards the people around us may decrease, we may have difficulty giving and receiving love, and often even have difficulty feeling like we belong where we are. For this reason, we need to know the 7 chakras in our body and their functions.

It contains the Root Chakra, or Muladhara, also known as the most important first chakra that we need to know. The element of this chakra, which connects people to the world, is earth and its color is red. In any imbalance that may occur in this chakra located in the coccyx, the person will feel weak, irritable, unsuccessful, inadequate, distant in human relations, and even feel like they do not belong anywhere. In case of imbalances that may occur in the root chakra, you can use the color red more, spend time with the earth element, and increase consumption of root fruits and vegetables. You can also benefit from root chakra frequency music and meditate in nature.

The second place among the chakras is Sacral, that is, Swadhistana. Its color is orange and its element is water. The sacral chakra, whose symbol is the lotus flower, represents the waist region from the back and the navel area from the front. Any imbalance that may occur in the sacral chakra will directly negatively affect a person's creativity and fertility. The person blames himself, a sense of failure and victim psychology prevail. In case of imbalances that may occur in the sacral chakra, you can use orange colors more and consume orange fruits and vegetables.

Solar Chakra is our third chakra located in the part of the belly button also known as Manupira. The color of the solar chakra, which represents our vitality and self-confidence, is yellow and its element is fire. In the imbalance that may occur in this chakra, we may be afraid to take risks and have difficulty trusting our own intuition. In such a case, yellow vegetables and fruits will help balance our sacral chakra.

Anahata, or heart chakra, is the fourth chakra in our body. Love represents our balance of giving and receiving. Its element is air, it is located in the chest area and its color is green. When there are blockages in the heart chakra, we have difficulty in accepting and forgiving. Therefore, healing the negativities we have experienced in the past is very important for the heart chakra. In addition, affirmations about being open to love, eating green vegetables and fruits, and keeping a pet at home are actions that heal the heart chakra.

The throat chakra is our fifth chakra and is also known as Vishouddha. It refers to direct communication. When the throat chakra does not work balancedly, the person has problems with self-confidence in communication, cannot express himself, and may stutter. It is located in the Bosphorus region and its color is turquoise blue. Since it expresses communication, its element is sound. Fresh juices, herbal teas, blueberries, etc. Blue colored foods and fruits such as plums, apricots and peaches are among the foods that are good for the throat chakra.

Ajna is the third eye chakra and the sixth chakra located in our forehead area between our two eyebrows. It is directly related to our instincts and sixth sense. When it works correctly and is in balance, we can act with our intuition and look at events from a broad perspective. Its color is indigo and its element is light. Foods such as purple foods, water, whole grains and mushrooms are foods that balance our third eye chakra.

Finally, Shahasrara, known as the Crown Chakra, is the point that allows us to connect with God, located at the highest point of the head. It connects us to cosmic energy and our beliefs progress in connection with the crown chakra. When the crown chakra, which provides universal goodness and inner peace, is in balance, it helps us find the right thing to step forward and realize our desires. Its color is violet purple and its element is cosmic energy. Consuming light foods, drinking sage and burning incense are among the things that can be done to keep the crown chakra in balance.

You can also benefit from chakra balancing frequency music at a low volume while sleeping to balance the chakras. You can also benefit from chakra energy balancing meditations, yoga and reiki energy studies accompanied by incense and aromatic oils. You can discover our natural incenses and aromatherapy oils that you can use during chakra balancing meditations on and shop with confidence.