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What is a Censer? How to Use Censer?

Buhurdanlık Nedir? Buhurdanlık Kullanımı Nasıldır?

Incense burner is derived from the word bahur. Bahur is a word of Arabic origin and means steam rising from the hot ground and herb or incense that produces pleasant scents by burning.

What is a Censer?

Incense burner is derived from the word bahur. Bahur is a word of Arabic origin and means steam rising from the hot ground and herb or incense that produces pleasant scents by burning. Its use has become widespread from ancient times to the present. The incense burner , made of heat-resistant material, consists of two parts. A tealight is placed at the bottom and lit, and water and a few drops of aromatherapy essential oils are added to the upper part. As the candle burns, the water evaporates and the fragrant scent spreads to your environment. We inhale aromatherapy through air, thanks to incense burners. Aromatherapy oils can be used not only for a pleasant scent but also to protect against viruses and even house mites. Covid, the disease of our time, sometimes does not cause symptoms. If you are worried about whether the guest you host at your home is a carrier or will infect me, you can alleviate your fear with a few aromatherapy essential oils and a censer . When you feel tired, stressed or tense, you can inhale some of the essential oils through the incense burner.

How to Use Censer?

The upper part of the censer is the water reservoir. Water should be added here first. While adding hot water will save time, cold water is preferred since the evaporation of cold water will have a longer effect. Add a few drops of aromatherapy oils that are good for you and appeal to you into the water. The most commonly used aromatherapy oils are essential oils such as lavender, rose, thyme, clove, grapefruit, lemon, mint, eucalyptus, bergamot, and herbal. There are many other types of essential oils, you can choose according to your taste. Then place the tealight in the section at the bottom of the censer. The flame of the candle will cause the water to evaporate and the essential oil will spread evenly throughout the room.

Is the incense burner easy to clean?

Each censer requires cleaning after use . In fact, the new aromatherapy oil we will add with the remaining part of your previous aromatherapy oil can create a nice scent and it will be a pleasant experience for you. If you do not want the odors to mix, you can wash your censer with water after it has cooled down and then dry it. Chemical cleaning is not recommended. Since the incense burner releases odor, it is not desirable for you to inhale chemicals. Water will do the job just fine.

What should be considered when using a censer?

First of all, it is useful to check your water frequently, it will decrease as the water evaporates. There is no harm in making additions. Another thing to consider is that the candle you will use does not contain chemicals. Chemicals such as paraffin and paraben contained in candles may endanger your health. The placement of the candle is also very important. Make sure you place it so it won't tip over so the candle doesn't leak. Another point is that too much essential oil added to increase the scent intensity will not benefit you. If you see that there is not enough in the environment, you can increase the number of censers. Warnings include not falling into a deep sleep while using the censer . This warning is not due to the smell, but to ensure that the candle does not cause serious harm to you during burning.

Which Incense Burner Should I Prefer?

These are the most preferred incense burners, which are generally made of ceramic material. There are also incense burners made of glass or metal materials. You can choose according to your personal taste. There are also incense burners that you can use with electricity. There is no need for a tealight candle for these, and you can easily use them by using the lighter in your car. Since these products also have colored lighting, it is common to use them as night lights.

Where is the incense burner used?

Today's social structure includes stressful and busy work lives. This system, which does not value people's peace of mind, unfortunately triggers many diseases related to intense stress in most of us. This being the case, people have researched methods to calm themselves and achieve inner peace, and ancient censers have become widespread again. You can make your life a little more positive by choosing an incense burner according to its size, in your busy work life, at your workplace, or in your classroom if you are a teacher, both to increase student motivation and for your own spiritual enlightenment, in short, no matter which sector you work in. Even if you say your workplace is not suitable for this or you are not working, you can use a censer at home. Your house will smell nice and it will be good for you spiritually. You can also use an incense burner while doing yoga or meditation. Thus, your attention and focus time will increase. Incense burners can also be preferred in environments such as beauty salons, massage or spa centers, and Turkish baths. If you feel very nervous while driving, you can also use an ultrasonic incense burner in your car.