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Table Models

Table models are one of the items that are used everywhere in our homes or offices and change the atmosphere of the environment the most. The table, which is very important both functionally and aesthetically, can be made in different styles and materials.

Modern Table Models:
The tables, designed in a modern style, have a minimalist look. They usually consist of plain and flat designs and can be designed using different materials. Options such as wooden table, glass table or metal table are available.

Travertine Table:
It has become a popular furniture option due to its aesthetic appearance and durability. This natural stone table adds grace and elegance to any space. The travertine table is usually ideal for a modern and minimalist style decoration. However, it can also adapt to a rustic decoration style. The color options of the travertine table are cream, white and beige tones.

Industrial Table Models:
The tables, designed in an industrial style, have a hard and metallic appearance. Industrial tables, which are usually made using natural materials, are designed using hard materials such as steel, aluminum and concrete materials. And there are various modern designs such as c table.

Antique Table Models:
Antique-style tables have details that reflect the style and texture of old times. Wood material is often used in the construction of antique tables, and embroidered details, striking frames and historical textures are among the features of this style. You can be sure that it will add a different atmosphere to your kitchen when used as a dining table.


Rustic Table Models:

Tables designed in a rustic style are designed using natural materials and have a more organic look. Wood, stone and iron materials are among the materials used in the construction of rustic tables.

Double Table Models:

Large tables that spouses or colleagues can easily use are known as double table models. These tables, which are usually designed in rectangular table or oval table shapes, have a large surface and are usually made of wood material.

Rectangular Table Models:

Rectangular desk models are among the most common desk models and are often used as a workspace in offices or homes, but also as a dining table. They can be made of wood, glass or metal materials, or they can be designed in a modern or antique style.

Round Table Models:

Round table models are generally used as dining tables. Round table models can be designed in different materials and can be designed in a modern, rustic or antique style.

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