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What is Natural Wax?

Natural candles are candles made from natural materials derived from animal or vegetable sources. These candles are usually produced from natural oils such as beeswax, soybean oil, coconut oil, palm oil. Natural candles are more environmentally friendly than paraffin candles because they are derived from natural sources and can be recycled.

Also, burning natural candles produces less smoke and less odor. In addition, natural candles burn longer than paraffin candles and emit a warmer light, creating a more pleasant atmosphere.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Candles?

Natural candles are an eco-friendly alternative that offers many benefits. Here are some benefits of using natural wax:

Less Toxic: Natural waxes do not contain petroleum-derived materials such as paraffin waxes. Therefore, natural waxes are less toxic and harmful to health.

Less Smoke: Natural wax creates less smoke and pollution compared to paraffin waxes.

Less Bad Smell: When natural candles are made with natural essential oils, there is less bad smell. Also, these oils can be used to change the scent of candles.

Eco-Friendly: Natural candles are more environmentally friendly as they are made from sustainable sources.

Long Lasting: Natural candles burn longer than paraffin candles. They also create a more pleasant atmosphere by emitting a warmer light.

Energy Saving: With the high light emitted by natural candles, they save energy compared to electric lighting.

Ideal for Meditation and Yoga: Natural candles are ideal for spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga. These can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere and calm the mind.

What is a Wishing Candle?

Wish candles are used in many cultures. In some cultures, it is believed that wishes go up to the sky when candles are lit. For this reason, wish candles are generally used in celebrations such as birthdays, New Year's Eve, engagement, wedding, graduation ceremonies.

Wish candles often carry a special meaning and are used to hope personal wishes come true. When the candle is lit, the wish is read and then the candle is extinguished. In order for the wish to come true, the candle must be completely burned, during which it is recommended to think and visualize the wish. However, there are no guarantees that wish candles will come true and it is just a tradition.

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