INCENSE HOLDER Stylish incense holder models that can appeal to all tastes with different patterns and designs
It will add a different atmosphere to your home...

Incense holder 

Incense holder models are a type of container that contains different decorative incense holder models, which are used to preserve incense, which is used in religious ceremonies, rituals or to spread good smell in homes, so that it can burn for longer periods of time.

What Does the Incense Holder Do?

Incense holders are usually made of materials such as brass, ceramics, stone or wood. It allows incense to burn for longer periods without losing its effect and is used as a decoration material in many homes. Due to its different models and varieties, it can appeal to many tastes. For people looking for a more natural atmosphere, there are ceramic incense holder models that give a waterfall effect that look more beautiful in terms of design and aesthetics.

Incense Holder Models

-Palo Santo Incense holder

Palo Santo Incense is a wooden incense stick commonly used for purification, meditation and balancing energy fields. "Palo Santo" means "sacred tree" or "sacred stick" in Spanish.

Palo Santo wood smoke is often considered calming and soothing, and is also used to repel insects.

This wood stick is usually used with stylish ceramic incense holders, minimal soft colors can be preferred in order not to disturb the natural atmosphere of palo santon.

-Ceramic Incense Holder

It is designed in two parts, the lower bowl where you will put the incense, and the perforated upper cover, which allows the incense smoke to come out. For example, after putting sage leaves in the upper bowl, it is possible to burn the sage branch and throw it into the bowl and turn it into incense.

-Brass Incense Holder

The Brass Incense Holder comes in different sizes and styles to suit different styles and interiors, they can also be great gift ideas as there is a large assortment.

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