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Our whole journey started where we are most ourselves, at home. In order to get away from the restlessness of the outside world, to empty our minds for a little bit and to get rid of our anxiety, we discovered ways to clean the energy of our home and get rid of stress with the meditations we did with our palo santo incense. We tried to find our peace and balance with the little touches we made to our home, which is perhaps the most important reflection of our mind, body and soul union. In line with our belief in the quality of life, we wanted to share with you everything that is good for our soul and body.

At this point, the story of our brand began.

Our product selection, which started with incense, censers and natural oils used for yoga and meditation rituals, continued with furniture, decoration, garden and clothing. We carried the Chappal.co brand to this day with simplicity, originality and elegance, and we continue to work with increasing joy every day to take it further.As the Chappal.co family, which aims to bring you everything that is good for your soul, body and home in the most elegant and original way, we are happy to accompany you at every stage of your journey to find peace, pleasure and serenity.


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