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What You Need to Know About Minimalist Home Decoration

Minimalist Ev Dekorasyonu Hakkında Bilmeniz Gerekenler

People acted with Minimalism in the areas where they spent most of their time. They adopted the philosophy that the less furniture, the more spacious a living space.

What is Minimalism?

What is minimalism? Actually, the most basic answer to the question will be simplicity, or in other words, plainness. It aims to get rid of overcrowding at every moment of life and to be happy with fewer materials. Minimalism entered human life in the 1960s, primarily in the fields of music and visual arts. The 1960s are the period when people began to try to live a freer and more comfortable life with the end of the world wars. Freedom movements have started all over the world in order to get rid of the spiritual collapse caused by wars. Freedom-loving people began to prefer a more minimalist life by getting rid of the excesses in their lives. This approach, which is rapidly spreading around the world, has brought a new way of thinking with the wind behind it.

What Do You Need to Know About Minimalist Home Decoration?

While simplification began in music and art at first, over time people began to apply this philosophy in all areas of life. People acted with Minimalism in the areas where they spent most of their time. They adopted the philosophy that the less furniture, the more spacious a living space. Many people in homes and workplaces are now benefiting from the Minimalism movement. They decorate homes and workplaces in favor of freedom and simplicity. Of course, the aim here is not only to achieve simplicity but also to create a stylish and comfortable space. Minimalist home decoration allows you to get rid of items that take up space and are waiting to be useful one day. You will immediately realize how unnecessarily you keep these items in your home. Considering that people living in ancient civilizations continued their lives with very little furniture in their homes, it is understood that this philosophy existed before the 1960s. Since the 2000s, technology has been developing day by day and brands selling home accessories are making endless campaigns. They impress on people's minds through advertisements that they sell discounted products and make people buy these products even if they do not need them. After shopping with the mentality of "I'll definitely use it one day" or "I'll use it because the price is so affordable, I'll definitely need it one day", you realize that your house is filled with stuff and there is no room left for you to breathe. Minimalism will save you from this trouble. As a first step to achieve a minimalist look in your home, if there are more than one item with the same function, you can start by getting rid of the excess items. There are 6 steps to know about minimalist home decoration, which does not just mean getting rid of excess items. So, what is minimalist home decoration in these 6 items? Let's examine it together now.

Minimalist Home Decoration in 6 Items

The choice of those who attach importance to simplicity and plainness in their homes is the idea of ​​minimalist home decoration. You can benefit from the philosophy of minimalism in your homes and thus have more livable, comfortable spaces with high life energy. If you want spaciousness and modernity to be at the forefront, you need to benefit from the 6 items of minimalist home decoration. Here are 6 items that are the effects of minimalist thinking that you can easily apply in your homes.

1-Less Stuff: The philosophy of minimalism aims to rid you of excess items. It wants you to achieve simple and spacious looks. If you want minimalist decoration in your home, you first need to get rid of excess and unused items. Choose simpler and more useful furniture instead of furniture that is magnificent but takes up huge space. If an empty house comes to mind when you say plain and simple, you are wrong. Believe that minimalist home decoration will create a perfect living space with minimal furniture and soft colors.

2- Soft Colors: In the minimalism style of thinking, light colors are preferred because they create spaciousness. You can choose white or light color tones for your walls or your few but useful items and get a peaceful living space. If you wish, you can also use pink, yellow and turquoise colors that are compatible with light colors in your homes.

3-A Rich Style: If you are in favor of simplicity and elegance, the accessories you will use in your home should be in this direction. If you are shaping your home with a minimalist idea, you should see your accessories as complementary elements of your home and make choices in this context. The accessories you will use, such as figurines, paintings or vases, will create a rich look when chosen with simplicity and elegance at the forefront.

4-Complementary Textures: Make sure that your items are compatible and complementary to each other.

5-Natural Light: The minimalist movement favors naturalness. To benefit from natural light in your home, light-colored curtains should be used and the windows should remain open for a spacious environment.

6-Natural Materials: Minimalist home decoration prefers to have products obtained using simple and natural materials instead of very flashy and exaggerated items.