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What is the New Moon Ritual?

Yeni Ay Ritüeli Nedir?

It is a kind of meditation method performed in the first state of the moon by taking advantage of the high energy of the moon.

New moon, as the word new in its name suggests, means renewal. It is a kind of meditation method performed in the first state of the moon by taking advantage of the high energy of the moon. The new moon offers you an opportunity to get rid of your troubles. The first form of the moon after the full moon is called the new moon. Spiritual renewal can be experienced by starting many new beginnings during this period. With the full moon, the moon has completed itself and you can use new moon ritual therapy to get rid of the negative feelings you experience due to the deficiencies in the situation you have completed. The new moon offers you new beginnings and allows you to reset as if you were born again. Thanks to its high energy, the new moon can provide you with the opportunity for great change. It is an extraordinarily beneficial therapy that should be tried by people who have lost hope and do not enjoy life and have low vitality. Thanks to the new moon ritual, you can find yourself again and help you look at life from a different perspective. It helps you feel relieved by freeing you from the negative burdens you carry. Imagine imagining the positive situations that will arise when you imagine all the beautiful and good wishes in your heart combined with the energy of the moon. Communicate your intentions to this first phase of the moon and watch it come back to you. Visualize new goals, a new career plan, new beginnings, a new love, a beautiful sweet baby, a sports car and many other good intentions in this first part of the month and believe that they come true. When you reach the moment when your intentions come true, you will think about how you chose the right time for the new moon ritual and you will be proud of yourself. At the beginning of the month, leave your feelings to nature with the new moon ritual and remove all negative thoughts from your mind. So, what is the best time for this unique therapy and how to perform the new moon ritual?

How to Perform a New Moon Ritual?

The new moon ritual, which has survived from ancient civilizations to the present day, is performed three days after the full moon. The first days after the full moon are the best to benefit from the extraordinary life energy found at the new beginning of the month. The answer to the question of how to do a new moon ritual is simply to write down all your good intentions on paper in an environment where you feel comfortable. The crescent shape of the moon, which has completed itself with a full moon, in the next three days represents a new beginning. This magical moment must be seized. Some materials will help you in the construction stages of the new moon ritual. Fragrant incense that will relax you, scented or unscented candles, light music that will be good for your soul, a clean blank paper, a pen that will allow you to write beautifully and permanently, linden or sage if you wish, a mat or cushion to sit on the floor and matches to light the candles. can be considered as examples of these materials.

What are the stages of the New Moon Ritual?

After the full moon, the new moon appears and this is the best time for the ritual. First of all, you need to take a nice warm shower to relax the body. A person should perform the new moon ritual wherever he feels comfortable and calm. Performing it under the moon in a clean and open air helps the talisman to happen. You can start the process by burning your incense, which takes you to other worlds with its scent. Under a cool and light wind, pleasant music in the background can accompany you. Sit on the floor in the sitting position that makes you feel most comfortable. Immerse yourself in this unique moment by lighting your candles. Increase your energy by doing deep breathing exercises. Wow, don't you think the atmosphere was amazing? Close your eyes and start thinking about your expectations from the new month, your dreams, and the situations you want to change, one by one. Now, with the influence of the wind and weather, you will feel like you have reached the top. Slowly open your eyes, take the pen in your hand, and write down on paper all the innovations you want, your expectations, and the dreams you want to come true. When it comes to how to do a new moon ritual, the things mentioned above should come to your mind.

What to Write in New Moon Ritual Intentions?

First of all, you must be the first to believe that the intentions you write on paper will come true. There is no point in writing your wishes thinking that they won't come true anyway. The new moon ritual is all about the free and unlimited expression of your dreams and expectations. If you wish, you can write on your paper that you want to become rich, and if you or your loved one is suffering from an illness, you can intend for him to recover. You can freely write whatever you dream of.