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What is Soy Wax? What Does It Do?

Soya Wax Nedir?Ne İşe Yarar?

Candle types prepared with oils obtained from natural soybeans are called soy wax. It has 100% natural content and is vegan because it does not contain any animal substances.


Nowadays, we see soy candle in many places. Many of us are quite knowledgeable about this type of candle. But some of us have very little knowledge about this candle. For this reason, we wanted to prepare a special article about soy candles and the soy wax used in their production for those who have a special interest in candles and want to include different types of candles in their homes.

First of all, what is soy wax is a very popular question. Soy wax is known as the natural raw material of this candle, which is frequently used to make soy wax. Soy wax can be found in DIY stores or easily obtained from the hobby sections of online shopping sites.


Candle types prepared with oils obtained from natural soybeans instead of combining many chemical substances are called soy wax. These candle types have 100% natural content and are vegan because they do not contain any animal substances. It is also easily biodegradable and can be recycled after use.

For this reason, soy candles do not pose any threat to humans or environmental health. Since its content is clean and does not contain any chemicals, it does not release harmful gases into the environment when burned, unlike other types of candles.

Therefore, people with chronic respiratory diseases can easily light soy candles in their environment. Additionally, pregnant women and those with young children do not need to have any negative thoughts when using this candle. Another feature that makes this candle different and advantageous from other candle types is its burning time. It burns much longer than other candles, so there is no need for many candles. Therefore, although it is more expensive, it is much more affordable than other candle types.

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Candles also help, don't say you've never heard of such a thing before! The relaxing scent of soy candle has many positive effects on the human mind and body. In fact, many people who are aware of this feature use soy candles for relaxation purposes. Well, let's examine together what the known benefits of soy candle are.

Purifies and Soothes: It softens the air in the environment where it is burned. For this reason, it is a healing and soothing product. His mind; It clears negative emotions such as anger, stress, anger, fear and anxiety. It helps us become a more positive and happier person.

Therefore, it helps us to fulfill our responsibilities that we cannot fulfill in daily life due to the negative effects of negative emotions. In fact, the comfort-giving effects of soy wax have made it widely preferred in Spa & Wellness salons.

On the other hand, it helps us have a comfortable sleep at the end of the day as it has the feature of purifying the mind. With the effect of a healthy sleep, we can wake up to the new day happier and more energetic.

Can Be Used As Lotion: Another interesting feature of soy wax is that it can be used as a lotion when melted. For this reason, we can say that it is one of the rare products that benefit from both meat and milk. Take the melted soy wax in your hand and apply it to your skin. When you apply soy wax, you will notice that your skin will feel silky soft.


Soy candles are produced in many different scents. Each scent has different known benefits.

Here are the scents of soy candles:

-Coffee scented

-Vanilla scented

-Lavender scented

-Jasmine scented

-Sandal scented

-Magnolia scented


-Fig scented

Each scent of the soy candle, which is produced in beautiful scents, has a function that gives comfort to people. It would be beneficial to do research before buying to choose which scent will suit you. While you can buy soy candles from outside, it is also possible to make it yourself at home by combining the appropriate materials. The most necessary basic ingredient to make soy candles at home will be soy wax. Making soy candles at home will both reduce costs and provide a pleasant activity time for you and your family.