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What is Rushur Stone? What are the benefits of Rushur Stone?

Ruşur Taşı Nedir? Ruşur Taşının Faydaları Nelerdir?

Considering the Iranian bath traditions, Sefitab (rushur stone) , known as the beauty secret of women, is used to purify the skin from dead skin.


Skin care has always been a very important issue. Especially having a well-groomed face is the thing that gives us the most self-confidence when we want to communicate effectively. In the past, people found temporary solutions because they thought it would be beneficial to turn to products with high chemical content, but they would harm themselves in the long run. This being the case, everyone now had to look for more natural methods. Among these natural methods, Rushur stone is undoubtedly at the top of the most popular list.

This miraculous stone, which is also very popular in Turkey, is a very natural product that has been used for skin care since ancient times.

Rushur, also known as Sefitab, originates from Iran. It is known as a cleaning material that has been used in Iran since ancient times and comes from the Iranian bath culture. Rushur stone, obtained naturally from the Sefitab cave in Iran, is a very effective and completely natural product that is frequently used in skin care and skin darkening.

Rushur stone , which is very popular in the bath culture in Iran, has started to be used frequently in Turkey in recent years.

The most basic feature of Rushur stone that makes it so popular is that it is a completely natural skin whitening agent. This stone, which is very easy to use, is applied to the skin by massaging and is very easy to use. It helps users to open the skin pores due to its peeling effect. Moreover; It eliminates acne, body blemishes and acne in the area where it is applied.


It is quite easy to use Rushur stone (Sefitab). The primary condition is that the area where you will apply it is damp and wet. To apply to wet and moist skin, you need to apply a small amount of Rushur stone to your face with your hand, then wait for 1 minute before cleaning it immediately. You need to rub it by massaging it very softly with your hand. You should thoroughly rinse your skin, which has been cleansed with Rushur stone, with plenty of soap. After these procedures, the skin will appear much more vibrant and smooth. If you want to use it for the body, the most important thing is that the skin is wet. You can apply Rushur stone to your entire skin with the help of a wet scrub. After the application, you can take a shower as if you were taking a normal shower.

Rushur Stone


Rushur stone (Sefitab) especially for sun spots on the skin; It is a skin whitening product used to remove dark spots in the armpit, skin blemishes, birth and age spots.

Considering the Iranian bath traditions, Sefitab (rushur stone), known as the beauty secret of women, has a structure similar to chalk in appearance and is used to purify the skin from dead skin.

The most well-known benefits of this miraculous stone can be listed as follows;

- It purifies the applied skin from dead and stained skin.

-It is a miraculous product that whitens the skin tone and is especially successful in removing blemishes.

- Rushur stone is also very effective in opening clogged skin pores.

- It prevents the formation of pimples and acne on the skin and ensures that existing ones disappear in a very short time.

-It supports cell renewal in the body and ensures the removal of dead cells from the body.


Rushur stone, which has become a very popular product lately, is highly appreciated by users. Unfortunately, this situation also leads to malicious people. It is possible to come across many fake products on the market. Fake rush stones are not only ineffective on the skin, but can also cause damage to the skin. For this reason, before buying the product, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is fake or natural. It is very easy to distinguish between fake and natural Rushur stone. Water becomes acidic when it comes into contact with Rushur stone , so alkalization is absolutely necessary before consuming large amounts. Dolomite and quartz sand are typically used to reduce the acidity of water. Acidity dissolves dolomite, which alkalizes the water and leaves it rich with calcium, magnesium and other minerals. When you witness the purification of water with a Rushur stone thrown into it, you also witness that the stone is original.