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What is Ritual? What is the Full Moon Ritual? How to Perform a Full Moon Ritual?

Ritüel Nedir? Dolunay Ritüeli Nedir? Dolunay Ritüeli Nasıl Yapılır?

Literally, Full Moon is defined as the phase in which the side of the Moon facing the Earth appears completely bright, as a complete circle.

What is Full Moon?

Literally, Full Moon is defined as the phase in which the side of the Moon facing the Earth appears completely bright, as a complete circle. Full Moon, one of the phases of the moon, means completion, ending or endings in astrology. While it is said that the oceans rise during full moon times, it is also claimed that many diseases increase during this period. In ancient times, the belief that babies' crankiness increased when the Moon was in the full moon phase has also spread today. It is said that many women become tense during this period and even situations such as erectile dysfunction increase. That's why going through the Full Moon phases in a positive way means getting away from all negative processes. Since the full moon provides a great flow of energy, your energy will increase and your mind will be filled with this positive energy. What you should not forget is that whatever is in your body and mind increases. If you are positive, positive things increase around you, your happiness increases, if you are sad, your sadness increases. The full moon is an important and special period.

What is Ritual?

When you think of ritual, words such as religious ceremony, ritual, and magic may come to your mind. Ritual, which literally means this, has actually been adapted to today as an environment where you can have your own unique features, your favorite snacks, and pleasant conversations in a clean air.

What is the Full Moon Ritual?

The full moon ritual dates back to ancient times. Cycles of the moon are techniques that have been used for many years. In ancient times, it was believed that the full moon had an energy and thanks to this energy, people were believed to be purified from all evil, and this belief has survived to this day. The Moon has a connection with women. The phase in which this bond is strongest is the Full Moon state.

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How to Perform a Full Moon Ritual?

An open and clean area should be your first choice, and if you step on the ground, the energy of the soil will be good for your body. You will get much better energy if your seating plan is in a position where you can see the full moon. Just because you can't find an open space doesn't mean you can't do a Full Moon ritual . You can also perform this ritual by opening the window in a clean room of your home. Everyone has the right to be purified and relieved.

Calm, peaceful music can be listened to in the form of light recitals.

While natural aromatherapy oils spread a mystical scent in your environment, the light of the moon can also be accompanied by the illumination of your candles.

Now it's time for meditation... Staying in the moment, being aware, focusing on your breathing, and clearing your mind will be possible with this unique experience. If you say 'My mind is so confused, I can't focus', let the thoughts come and allow them to come, gradually your mind will relax.

The most recommended thing in Full Moon rituals after meditation is writing. Yes, you read that right, just write. On a clean, white piece of paper, write down the thoughts and negativities you want to remove from your life and mind, crumple them into a ball, throw them away, feel like you've gotten rid of them, and write down the things you want to happen now. If you can't write, paint. In the time between the previous Full Moon ritual and the current Full Moon ritual, 'what changed in my life?' ask yourself. Don't get too carried away with what you write, just be superficial. Make the intention to keep all evil and negativity away from your life and body.

Incense is also widely used in Full Moon Rituals. Incenses such as love, health and peace are given meaning. The incense is lit and extinguished after 5-10 seconds, and it carries that peaceful smoke around your environment. Herbs such as sage, sage and bay leaf are also burned as incense.

Always try to focus on your breathing when you meditate, write down your thoughts, or burn incense. Deep breathing will send the negative thoughts in your mind away from your body.

In your Full Moon Rituals, you ask 'I was reborn today, where do I want to start now?' Ask yourself: Wait for your mind to answer. Accept it as it is.

Invite your female friends to your rituals. Female solidarity always adds strength and is good for your energy. Prepare them your favorite little treats and add healthy drinks that will warm you up to accompany your conversation while sitting in the moonlight.

Taking a shower after the ritual symbolizes that your body is cleansed of everything bad and negative. Take a warm breath and realize that you are purified.

You can benefit from the uniqueness of the Full Moon ritual in moments that are both mentally tiring and turning points in life, such as starting a new business life or a difficult exam process. Notice, focus your mind and imagine the new situation.

During full moon rituals, you can not only purify your mind, but also clean your home and get rid of excess items during these periods. Simplification and order will also energize our mind.