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What is Aloe Oil? Benefits and Usage

Öd Ağacı Yağı Nedir? Faydaları Ve Kullanımı

The aloe tree is a species belonging to the dicotyledon group that has been around for many years.


The aloe tree is a species belonging to the dicotyledon group that has been around for many years. This tree belongs to the Thymelaeaceae family. It is a fruit-bearing tree and its fruits are pear-shaped in shape and have a very sharp smell. This smell of the tree is much more intense in its trunk and branches. Although this tree, which has a unique soft and woody scent, has been around for many years and its healing properties are known, it has only recently gained popularity today. The oil obtained from the aloe tree has many known benefits. Although the exact history of the aud tree's existence is unknown, it is rumored that it dates back to the first humans. In fact, according to a rumor, Hz. Eve and Hz. It is said that the tree in which Adam took shelter when he was expelled from heaven was an aloe tree. According to what is known about this subject, Hz. Eve and Hz. After Adam was expelled from paradise, none of the trees they sought refuge in accepted their shade, but only the aloe tree accepted them. This is not a written text, but it has been narrated among the people in this way.

The aloe tree, which has a very beautiful place in our culture, also has a place in different cultures. Aud tree is also known in some cultures as Eagle wood, Aquilaria agollocha, Agalloch, Bois d'aigle and Calambac.


The benefits of aloe tree are quite numerous and effective. For this reason, obtaining this oil is both difficult and very expensive. In general, perfume brands are in demand for the scent of the oil because it has a very nice essence. Moreover, it becomes the first choice of meditators as it is relaxing when used as incense. It is thought that its incense takes away bad energy. Apart from its smell, aloe tree has many benefits. Its benefits for the skin are as follows:

-Prevents the formation of blemishes: It is known that aloe oil has a very reparative effect on skin blemishes. It minimizes the appearance of blemishes on the skin and equalizes the skin tone even if there is a huge tone difference. It plays an active role in eliminating unwanted skin problems such as dark circles, acne spots and rashes, which are noticeable and disturbing on the skin.

It is also very successful in preventing the formation of brown skin spots caused by sunlight and aging.

-Reduces wrinkles: Aloe tree oil, which has gained popularity especially for people with dry skin, provides natural and correct moisture balance when applied to your skin, while also providing protection against the aging effects caused by sunlight. Among the benefits of aloe oil to the skin, its biggest effect is the reduction in age lines. It balances the moisture your skin needs and gives your skin a unique smoothness.

It repairs cracked, dried and wrinkled skin due to environmental conditions and the effects of years and provides a fresh appearance.

-Cleans the skin: It cleanses your skin from accumulated dead skin and bacteria and gives your skin a vibrant appearance. It purifies your skin, which has become dirty due to air pollution and make-up residue throughout the day. It provides a deep cleansing to clogged pores on the skin and tightens the skin, providing a youthful appearance. It allows you to achieve a much younger, energetic and fresh appearance.

-It is also used in hair care: Aloe oil, which is known to have effects in hair care, eliminates the dry appearance of your hair and provides a moist and shiny appearance. It helps to create a fuller and more shiny appearance in your hair. It also helps you to have strong hair that has full volume and does not fall out easily.

If you are wondering how to apply aloe oil to your hair, take a few drops of aloe oil in your hand during the shower and gently rub it towards the ends of your hair. Thanks to this application, your hair will be both moisturized and provided with a natural shine. One of the most frequently asked questions about aloe oil is whether this oil can be applied directly to the face. We can state that this oil can be easily applied to the skin as long as it is not applied around the eyes or inside the ears.

It is very important to consult a specialist before using this oil, which is a completely natural product, in order to avoid any allergic reactions or undesirable side effects.