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Why is Mindfulness Important?

Mindfulness (Farkındalık) Neden Önemlidir?

In's mindfulness category, you can find unique products and services that reflect the philosophy of living in the moment. Reduce stress, improve your quality of life.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a method of living in the moment, focusing fully on current experiences. It is also known as the practice of increasing mental awareness. By adopting this practice, you can reduce stress, maintain your emotional balance, and improve your overall quality of life.

  • Present Moment Awareness: Mindfulness allows us to focus on what is happening right now, rather than worrying about the past or future. Living in the moment means being mentally present.
  • Conscious Awareness: While practicing this practice, we consciously notice our emotions, thoughts and physical sensations. We accept the experiences we experience without judging, simply by observing.
  • Breaking the Autopilot: We often act in "autopilot" mode in our daily lives. Mindfulness allows us to break out of these automatic thought and behavior patterns and live in the moment more consciously.
  • Emotional Regulation: Mindfulness practice helps us recognize our emotional reactions and manage them better. Thus, we can remain more balanced in the face of emotional fluctuations.
  • Acceptance and Letting Go: Mindfulness teaches us to accept current situations as they are and to go with the flow without resistance. This is especially important for dealing with challenging or undesirable situations.

By revolving around these basic terminologies, mindfulness practice helps us reduce stress, maintain emotional balance and improve our quality of life.

Why is Mindfulness Important?

Nowadays, rapidly changing living conditions, stress and intense tempo can negatively affect the mental health of individuals. Mindfulness helps us cope with these negative effects. Thanks to awareness, we can better appreciate the moment we live in and increase our mental flexibility.

  • Appreciating the Moment: Mindfulness helps us fully grasp the value of that moment by being aware of it.
  • Fighting Stress: Under intense stress and pressure, mindfulness techniques can help us calm down and reduce stress.
  • Mental Flexibility : Mindfulness increases mental flexibility and allows us to deal with new situations more effectively.
  • Emotional Balancing : Mindfulness helps us balance our emotional reactions and be more in control.
  • Focus Power : Amidst today's constant distractions, mindfulness improves our ability to focus.
  • Improvement in Relationships: Thanks to awareness, we can be more empathetic and understanding in our relationships with other people. and Mindfulness

We, at, attach great value to the concept of mindfulness. We aim to contribute to our customers living a more conscious life by offering products and services in line with this philosophy.

When choosing our products and designing our services, we aim to ensure that individuals can easily apply awareness practices in daily life. Thus, we aim to support our customers to live a more conscious, balanced and peaceful life. At, we believe that the concept of mindfulness is not just an individual journey but also an opportunity to build a community and culture.

Chappal Furniture and Decoration
Our Chappal Mobile and Decoration collection is full of products with original designs that reflect the philosophy of mindfulness. These products are designed with details that will make your home and living spaces more peaceful and balanced.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How to practice mindfulness?
    Mindfulness practice involves focusing and awareness techniques. Meditation is performed through deep breathing and living in the moment techniques.
  • What mindfulness products can I find on
    At, you can find decoration products, books, mobile applications and many more products suitable for the mindfulness concept.
  • What is Chappal Furniture?
    Chappal Mobile offers mobile applications and digital services that embrace the philosophy of mindfulness.
  • What materials do you use in your decoration products?
    We prefer natural and sustainable materials in our decoration products.
  • What are the prices of your mindfulness products?
    The prices of our products vary depending on the type, size and material of the product. You can find detailed information on our website.