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What are Lemongrass Oil, Its Benefits and Usage

Limonotu Yağı Nedir Faydaları Ve Kullanımı

Lemongrass oil, which contributes greatly to body resistance, protects against diseases and accelerates the removal of harmful substances from the body.


Lemongrass, which has been mentioned frequently lately and is also known as lemon mint because its leaves resemble mint in shape, is grown in many places both in the world and in our country, especially in regions where the Mediterranean climate prevails. This fragrant plant, which attracts honey bees by opening white and eye-catching flowers during flowering, is also known by names such as lemon balm and lemon balm. If grown under the right conditions, this plant can reach approximately 1.5 meters in height. Help can be obtained in many different ways, especially from the lemon-scented leaves of the lemongrass plant. The most common use of lemongrass is as an oil. Lemongrass oil provides all the known benefits of the lemongrass plant. You can obtain lemongrass oil from reliable herbalists or from stores and/or online sales applications that sell natural products. Instead of using this oil plain, you can combine it with other beneficial oils such as olive oil and almond oil and use it as a hair or skin mask. If you want to benefit from this feature of lemon grass, which also has stress-relieving properties, you can benefit from it by dropping a few drops into the water you take a bath with or at various points in your room.

Lemongrass Essential Oil


In fact, it is its benefits rather than its taste that make lemongrass oil more popular day by day, especially among those who do not want to use chemical-containing products and like to get support from natural ingredients. The most well-known benefits of lemongrass oil are as follows:

-Thanks to the essential oils, minerals such as calcium and potassium, vitamins A and C, tannins and nutritional fiber contained in lemongrass oil, it has a strengthening effect on the immune system when used appropriately.

Lemongrass oil, which contributes greatly to body resistance, protects against diseases and accelerates the removal of harmful substances from the body.

- Lemongrass oil is also beneficial for blood circulation and supports the body in maintaining healthy blood circulation.

-Thanks to all these features we mentioned, it also helps the nervous system to function in a healthy way.

-It is known that it is good for stress and anxiety and has a feature that eliminates bad energy.

-Lemongrass oil is also beneficial in preventing stress-related insomnia and headaches that we frequently experience in daily life.

Lemongrass oil, which has become a frequent choice due to its natural analgesic effect, has very beneficial effects not only in headaches but also in relieving the aches and pains experienced by women during menstruation.

-It is also known to have memory enhancing effects when used regularly.

- Lemongrass oil, which supports faster healing of inflammations that may occur in different parts of the body, also supports those suffering from herpes problems.

It is also known that it is especially good for problems such as indigestion and bloating.

-It is known that lemongrass oil, which is beneficial for the renewal of cells, also positively affects skin health and provides brightness and vitality to the skin when used externally.

-Lemongrass oil, which is known to have many benefits for hair, is also a solution to the problem of dandruff and helps prevent skin rashes and faded hair.

-Finally, lemongrass oil is known to provide support to people suffering from constipation problems.

Although lemongrass oil is a very beneficial oil, it also has some side effects. Known side effects are as follows:

-Women during pregnancy should not use lemongrass oil in any way to protect themselves from the risk of miscarriage. Lemongrass oil should not be used in any way on babies and children.

-In addition, people with high blood pressure, those with a chronic, serious disease, and those with regular medications should not consume lemongrass oil.

-People who have never used lemongrass oil before and those who are going to use it for the first time and whose bodies show allergic reactions very easily should not act without asking their doctor. They should not use it unless the doctor recommends it, taking into consideration the recommendations made by their doctor for them, in order to avoid problems.

-Finally, as with every product, consumption of lemongrass oil should not be excessive and should not be applied more than a few drops a day. It should not be forgotten that too much of anything causes harm. While you want to benefit, you may harm your health without realizing it.