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What is Feng Shui? How to Do Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Nedir? Feng Shui Nasıl Yapılır?

Feng Shui is a therapy method that aims to activate objects by using the energy found in nature in all areas of life.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a therapy method that aims to activate objects by using the energy found in nature in all areas of life. It is known that there is an old teaching about the idea of ​​Feng Shui. It literally means wind and water. It aims to carry all the energy that wind and water receive from nature to every moment of the living space. The main purpose of Feng Shui philosophy is to harmonize humans and nature and to raise low energies to higher levels with the influence of nature. The period when the Feng Shui teaching began to be implemented dates back 6000 years. Applying Feng Shui teachings in human life enables one to think more positively and healthily and to act accordingly. People who benefit from Feng Shui have always been successful in their lives. It contributes greatly to human health in getting rid of spiritual and mental problems. Order and harmony come to their lives and they do not have problems concentrating. They will observe that with the Feng Shui philosophy, they get rid of mental confusion at every moment of life and manage to think and act correctly.

You can apply Feng Shui teachings in your living spaces. In recent years, people have begun to apply the Feng Shui philosophy to decorate homes and workplaces. With the influence of technology, especially Feng Shui, which is frequently mentioned on social media, a new excitement has come to homes. Now let's talk about the issues that those who want to do Feng Shui in their homes should pay attention to.

How to Do Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui philosophy, every object in nature has an energy and this energy is released when used correctly. The main thing is how to reveal this energy. According to Feng Shui, this change you will start in your home will not only affect your home, but will also increase your and your home's energy and enable you to have a more positive outlook on life. When you reveal the energy of objects and colors, you will see it reflected in your daily life. When talking about how to do Feng Shui, 8 basic features should come to mind.

When your home is decorated with Feng Shui, the first thing that comes to mind is rooms with plenty of light, bright and spacious, and containing the harmony of different colors. You should also have mirrors in different colors that will make you feel fresh. Imagine that all the colors found in nature are in your room. Keeping the colors you use in your home vibrant and bright will also help increase your energy. Imagine getting rid of negativity and increasing your life energy with the different energies that each of them will add to your room. What a wonderful feeling it gives.

With Feng Shui, you can use a bell or a bell to hear the sound of nature in your home and workplace. Your aim here is to have the sounds of nature in your home.

If you want to experience the energy of nature in your home, you do not need to think long about how to do Feng Shui . What you need to do is to bring whatever is in nature and whatever makes you happy into your home. You can carry Feng Shui traces in your home with an animal that you can pet and plants with different scents and colors. As is known, Feng Shui comes from Chinese culture. Statues have a very important place in Chinese culture. If you act according to this philosophy, you should definitely have sculptures that will bring a different atmosphere to your home.

What are the Best Energizing Plants and Flowers According to Feng Shui Philosophy?

The aim of Feng Shui is to bring the energy from nature into your home. When you use different plants and flowers in your home, you will visibly get rid of negative thoughts and observe an increase in your life energy. Be sure to create a positive mood in your homes thanks to their colorful appearance and pleasant smells. Here are some of the plants and flowers that will give you plenty of energy.

If you want to attract wealth, money and abundance into your home, you should keep the money tree in your living spaces. Since its leaves are literally shaped like coins, it is believed that it will bring plenty of money and wealth.

According to Feng Shui, the indispensable flower in homes is the orchid. You can use any orchid in different colors. Each of them has different energy as well as color. Sage plant , which is thought to contain freshness and lightness with its sharp scent, should definitely take its place in homes and workplaces. Another flower that helps eliminate indoor allergens is the peace flower. According to Feng Shui philosophy, peony is the plant that gives love and romance, and it should definitely be in your bedrooms.