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How to Make Natural Candle at Home?

Evde Doğal Mum Nasıl Yapılır?

Homemade natural candles will never beat the candles you buy from outside. It will offer you and your family an enjoyable activity during the candle making phase.


Recently, with the word pandemic entering our lives, we have been doing many of our jobs from home. The decrease in the time we spend outside has directed us to enjoyable activities to do at home. If you are looking for activities that can be done at home, if you are looking for different activities that can help you spend quality time in these difficult days when we spend most of our time at home, and even include your children when necessary, here you go, today we are learning together how to make natural candles at home. If you like to keep candles at home as ornaments for decoration purposes, or if you think, "I have never thought of using candles as decoration or making my own candles until now, but it is a nice and different activity that can be done at home," you can learn how to make candles at home right now and make your own handmade candles. You can prepare candles of various colors and colors. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to prepare paraffin-free candles , and you can prepare your own candle with as many natural ingredients as possible! For those who say "I want to make a scented candle", we will discover together the easiest and most natural way to make scented candles at home. If you're ready, roll up your sleeves, gather all your materials, let's get started right now!

To make candles at home, you must first know all the materials you will need and bring these materials together, of course. You can easily obtain most of the materials from the hobby sections of online shopping sites, or you can also buy them from herbalists and DIY stores if you have the opportunity to go. The materials you need are as follows:


Candle dye (If there is any color you want and you want your candle to be colored, you can use dye, or instead, you can make it in its natural color without using any dye)

An aromatic oil (If you want a nice-smelling candle, you can choose it according to your own taste)

100% cotton thread (it is very important that the thread is produced entirely from cotton because this thread will be used as roving)

A glass jar to put the candle in (If you want, you can use your old mugs, glasses, cups or various heat-resistant items that you do not use to put the candle in)

Natural Candle 290 Gr


After gathering the materials needed to make candles at home, let's see how this candle is made. For this very easy process, just follow these steps:

-Put the beeswax into a deep bowl and melt it using the bain-marie method. (Boil hot water in a pot, place a large bowl on top of this pot at a height that does not come into direct contact with the boiling water, and melt the wax in this bowl with the effect of the hot water vapor rising from the water.)

If you want to have a colored candle and have provided your candle dyes during the preparation phase, add the candle dyes in the colors you want into the melted wax and melt them in a bain-marie method, stirring occasionally.

-After this process, add approximately 1 tablespoon of any aromatic oil you prefer to make the candle smell pleasant. (It is up to you to choose the scents you want from many aromatic oils such as lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, you can choose whichever scent you want by candlelight )

Finally, mix this mixture well again and ensure that it reaches a homogeneous consistency.

Place the cotton thread in the glass jar where you will display your candle, in the middle of the mixture. Fixing the rope in an empty jar may be a little more difficult than you think, so wrap the upper end around a long stick and secure it to the mouth of the jar. (The idea of ​​using a skewer or ice cream stick will come in handy)

-After making sure that you have fixed the rope in the right place, start slowly transferring this homogeneous mixture you have prepared into the glass jar. The trick here is to transfer the mixture very slowly without acting too fast. Pay attention to whether the top looks flat and let your candle cool.

After your candle has cooled and reached the required consistency, turn the cotton string that you previously wrapped around a stick into the size of a candle wick and use your candle by lighting it whenever you want. Thank you. That's all!

Homemade natural candles will never beat the candles you buy from outside. You will see that there is no difference between the candles and they will provide you and your family with a pleasant activity time during the making process.