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Why Should I Prefer Parisian Style in Home Decoration?

Ev Dekorasyonunda Neden Parizyen Stili Tercih Etmeliyim?

Parisienne is a fashion trend specific to Paris, the capital of France. It is a decoration style that is frequently seen not only in clothing fashion but also in home fashion.

What is Parisian Style?

Parisienne is a fashion trend specific to Paris, the capital of France. It is a decoration style that is frequently seen not only in clothing fashion but also in home fashion. It is preferred by those who want to experience the breeze of Paris, known as the pioneer of fashion in the world, in their homes. Everyone wants to see the breeze of Paris in the homes where people spend most of their lives. You can experience the Parisian style in your living room, kitchen, balcony, in short, in every area of ​​your home and get stylish and romantic looks. What comes first in the Parisian style are classical furniture with an extremely elegant appearance, long and wide windows and balconies with a unique appearance. If you want to experience the historic look of Paris in your homes, you can consider Parisian Style home decoration . Coming from Paris, which offers beautiful examples to the world in fashion and art, it has been highly preferred in recent years by those who want to have a uniquely beautiful home decoration. Those who want to add an elegant and stylish atmosphere to their homes should definitely try the Parisian style.

What is Parisian Style in Home Decoration?

Pink, black and white colors are dominant in Parisian style home decoration, which is a mixture of vintage and retro. The furniture is generally elegant, with classical legs. These furniture are called LUI style. Carved, avant-garde and distressed models are common. Floral motifs are common accessories in the Parisian style because flowers are important parts of the Parisian style. Live flowers, crystal glass products, artistic paintings, sculptures, antique items are the most vital pieces of decor. As in every decoration, throw pillows are important accessories in the Parisian style. Especially cushions made of plush fabrics with stones will add elegance to your living area. Stylish candlesticks are at the forefront for every environment, including the bathroom. The use of curtains is common in Parisian decor, especially draped and classical models are preferred.

Why Should I Prefer Parisian Style in Home Decoration?

How you decorate your living spaces depends entirely on your preference. While those who love plainness prefer minimalist home decoration, those who are fond of classics and antiques prefer Parisian style home decoration . If you follow fashion and want to have an artistic, stylish and elegant home, Parisian style is just for you. Those who want to feel the light of the sun during the day and the light of the moon at night should choose Parisian style home decoration with large and high windows. Additionally, if you are interested in antiques and want them to be the most important accessory of your home, you should definitely apply the Parisian home style.

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The furniture models you will use should be made of velvet fabric with classical legs and avant-garde carvings and patterns. Coffee tables and bedside tables play a complementary role. Avant-garde furniture is a must to achieve an elegant, harmonious look. In the Parisian style, where sparkle is prioritized, the colors and accessories you use in your home must be eye-catching. If you want to decorate your home with a Parisian style, remember that you will use a lot of sparkling products. Antique furniture looks can be preferred in the frames of the paintings you will use on your living room walls. You can create a dominant Parisian home by equipping your living room with antique items. In addition, mirrors are very important in the Parisian house style. You can give your homes a nice look by using classic and stylish looking, especially avant-garde mirrors. Another important point that those who prefer Parisian style in home decoration should pay attention to is the floors. When choosing the parquet to be used, good wall paint and parquet that is compatible with your furniture should be chosen. Tumbled wooden flooring with a self-jointed appearance, which has been preferred very frequently lately, will be very suitable for the Parisian style. You can prioritize the pleasant appearance of your parquet by using smaller carpets. You can make yourself feel like you are living in houses in Paris with romantic and elegant little touches. Flowers are a must in home decoration in Paris homes, one of the capitals of fashion. Artificial flowers, dried flowers and live flowers that preserve their beauty for a long time are important materials for Parisian style home decoration . You can turn your homes into flower gardens with many different colorful flower varieties and complete your Parisian style decoration. It's now easy to feel like you really live in Paris. You don't need to completely renovate your house. You can apply the Parisian style to your home with a few touches, location and color changes. You can decorate your home with Parisian style to create an elegant, modern, stylish, spacious and comfortable living space.