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10 Mistakes Made When Choosing Decorative Products

Dekoratif Ürün Seçerken Yapılan 10 Hata

Decoration is a creative way to express personal taste and aesthetics. However, sometimes mistakes made in this process can negatively affect aesthetics and functionality.

Decoration is a creative way to express personal taste and aesthetics. However, sometimes mistakes made in this process can negatively affect aesthetics and functionality. Here are 10 common mistakes when choosing decorative products and tips on how to avoid these mistakes.

Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Color

Color selection is one of the most important elements of decoration. However, sometimes wrong color choices can be made. It is important what kind of energy the colors create in the room and how they affect whether the space appears bright or dark.

The choice of color determines the overall atmosphere and energy of the room.

Example: If it is not taken into consideration that light colors make small spaces look larger and more spacious, dark colors can overwhelm the room.

Recommendation: Considering complementary and analog colors using the color wheel provides a harmonic appearance.

Mistake 2: Using Wrong Materials

Quality materials extend the life of the product and beautify its appearance. Choosing the wrong material can have negative consequences both in terms of aesthetics and lifespan.

Choosing the wrong material shortens the life of the products and spoils the aesthetics.

Example: Excessive use of metal accessories can create a cold atmosphere.

Recommendation: It is important to keep the hot and cold elements in balance by mixing the ingredients evenly.

Mistake 3: Over-decorating

Minimalism is one of the cornerstones of modern decoration. However, sometimes the tendency to over-decorate can overwhelm the space and make it cluttered.

Excessive decoration leads to confusion and disorder.

Example: Using too many paintings or accessories.

Recommendation: It is useful to choose a minimalist approach, adopting the principle of 'less is more'.

Mistake 4: Ignoring the Function

Decorative products should be functional as well as aesthetically appealing. Non-functional products may negatively affect the use of the space.

Practical use of decorative products is as important as aesthetics.

Example: Beautiful looking but uncomfortable seating groups.

Recommendation: To choose products that balance function and comfort with aesthetics.

Mistake 5: Budget Management Errors

Budget is a critical element in decorating projects. Excessive spending increases costs, while too little spending can lead to the selection of poor quality products.

Going over planned budget or spending in the wrong areas.

Example: Overspending on luxury accessories.

Suggestion: Establish a balance between needs and wants by planning the budget in advance.

Mistake 6: Violation of Style Consistency

The overall style and theme of the venue needs to be consistent. Mixing different styles and themes makes the space look messy and disorganized.

Indecisiveness in style makes the room look confused and messy.

Example: Mixing modern and classic style.

Suggestion: Set a theme or style and stick to it.

Mistake 7: Ignoring Lighting

Lighting greatly affects the atmosphere and energy of the space. Incorrect or inadequate lighting can reduce the attractiveness of the space.

Incorrect lighting spoils the atmosphere of the place.

Example: Direct and harsh lighting.

Suggestion: To make the atmosphere of the room warm and inviting by using indirect and soft light sources.

Mistake 8: Products That Do Not Suit the Size of the Place

The products must be suitable for the size of the space. Products that are too large or small disrupt the proportions of the space.

Selection of furniture and accessories disproportionate to the space.

Example: Choosing large furniture for a small room.

Recommendation: To choose products that are suitable for the size and shape of the space and whose measurements have been taken carefully.

Mistake 9: Using Poor Quality Accessories

Accessories can enhance the aesthetics of the space. However, poor quality accessories can negatively affect the elegance and elegance of the space.

Poor quality accessories can reduce the overall quality of the room.

Example: Cheap plastic accessories.

Recommendation: Choosing accessories made of quality and durable materials.

Mistake 10: Not Doing Enough Research

Not doing enough research when choosing decorative products may lead to wrong product and material choices.

Making hasty decisions when choosing decoration products.

Example: Getting caught up in trends and choosing products that do not suit personal tastes.

Recommendation: Do research, read product reviews and choose products that are compatible with the decoration style.


The mistakes listed above can be prevented by consciously choosing decorative products and considering decoration principles. It should not be forgotten that; A beautiful decoration requires planning, knowledge and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix wrong color selection?

You should choose the color by considering the size of the space, lighting and compatibility with the furniture.

What should be considered when choosing materials?

It is important to learn about the quality, durability and maintenance of materials.

What are your tips for avoiding over-decorating?

It may be beneficial to adopt minimalist approaches and eliminate unnecessary items.

How to achieve the balance of function and aesthetics?

When choosing products and furniture, it is necessary to strike a balance by considering both aesthetic appearance and usage function.

How can I manage the budget efficiently?

You can manage your budget in a controlled manner by determining priorities and distinguishing between wants and needs.