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Chappal Design Studio

Chappal Design Studio

At Chappal Design Studio, we place great emphasis on personalization and custom products that perfectly fit your lifestyle. That's why we work with the best raw materials and artisans to design your dreams, ensuring that every piece of furniture we create is as unique as you.


Your journey begins with a personal consultation at Chappal Design Studio, our showroom or your home. Here, we begin to bring your vision to life by focusing on your needs, style preferences, and how the furniture will function in your space.

Design Presentation

The Chappal Design Studio team provides detailed drawings and 3D images in our showroom, allowing you to see the design before it is finalized and allow you to fine-tune it. This ensures that the final product is exactly what you imagined, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

Precision Surveying

At Chappal Design Studio, we know precision is key. For finished furniture, our experts carry out an on-site survey to ensure every measurement is accurate and fits your space perfectly.


Once the design is approved, the talented craftsmen at Chappal Design Studio start manufacturing your furniture. Our workshop is a blend of traditional techniques and modern innovations and is dedicated to creating high quality, exclusive pieces.


Custom pieces crafted by Chappal Design Studio are meticulously assembled by our team and not only fit perfectly but also enhance the beauty and functionality of your space.


At Chappal Design Studio, we are committed to excellence not only in the products we create but also in the service we provide. After installation, we offer a comprehensive after-care service to ensure your custom furniture continues to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.