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What are Natural Stones and Their Properties According to Zodiac Signs?

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It is thought that their mental health will improve by carrying natural stones known as astral stones. Today, natural stones are still used according to the zodiac signs.

What is Natural Stone According to Zodiac Signs?

The zodiac signs that people interested in astronomy wonder about and believe in are determined according to the date people were born. Your zodiac sign is determined based on the position of the sun and its location on the day you were born. Each of the 12 zodiac signs has its own unique natural stone. Each of the zodiac signs has precious natural stones with different characteristics. These natural stones, which are thought to have the characteristics of the zodiac signs, are also called astral stones in astrology. In ancient times, those interested in astronomy in many parts of the world determined that there were compatible and valuable natural stones for each zodiac sign. Natural stones used in the Egyptian and Persian civilizations have survived from those times to the present day and are still used with admiration. Greeks, Romans and Indians, who were very interested in astrology, also used these natural stones in many areas. By choosing natural stones according to their zodiac signs in massage, treatment and meditation sessions, people were relieved and restored to health. It is also believed that these natural stones protect people from many evils. According to the horoscope, it is accepted that natural stones bring luck and happiness to people and are effective in getting rid of negativities. People have made many ornaments such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and anklets from stones that are natural and very elegant and beautiful in appearance. Since it is thought to have luck and protective properties, people never leave it with them. Let's talk about which zodiac sign will use which natural stone. Your horoscope will be determined in which part of the chart known as the Zodiac the sun was on the day you were born. Now that you know your zodiac sign, you can find out the natural stone that suits you and shop accordingly wherever you want to use it.

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What are the Benefits of Using Natural Stone According to Zodiac Signs?

Thousands of years ago, when medicine was not developed, civilizations sought healing using natural stones. It is thought that their mental health will improve by carrying natural stones known as astral stones. Today, natural stones are still used according to the zodiac signs . For example, it is used very frequently in the treatment of headaches and in the teething phase of babies. They are also known to bring luck and protect from evil. An example of this would be the evil eye beads, which are worn by everyone from babies to the elderly to protect against the evil eye, which is the most widely known and used among the public.

What are Natural Stones and Their Properties According to Zodiac Signs?

There are 12 zodiac signs determined according to the direction of the sun, equal to each month. They are called Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each of them has its own unique features. There are natural stones that are compatible with the characteristics of the zodiac signs. They are all thought to have different benefits. It is thought that natural stones heal people physically, physically and mentally and increase their energy. Now let's talk about what natural stones are according to the zodiac signs and what the properties of these stones are.

Aries ;

It is among the signs of the Fire group. The most important natural stone of Aries is ruby. Apart from ruby, citrine and emerald are also examples of Aries natural stones, which have an energetic and very active structure.

Taurus ;

Emerald stone can be said to be the stone of this zodiac sign because it is a member of the earth group and has a high self-confidence and likes to be noticed by those around it. Emerald is a stone that loves calmness, elegance and sensuality. Taurus women think that when they wear emeralds, their bonds of love become stronger and their lust increases.

Gemini ;

The natural stone for twins with a perfectionist nature is agate. The feature of agate stone is that it reduces tensions and has balancing properties. They also provide energy that increases vitality and excitement.


Cancers are extremely emotional and sensitive. They have a fragile structure. The most suitable natural stones among them may be agate and quartz. Agate stone has the feature of balancing anxiety and excessive emotionality. Additionally, using quartz stone helps you get rid of negative thoughts and become positive and energetic.


The natural stones suitable for use are peridot and chrysolite. Peridot stone instills self-confidence in leader-spirited lions and makes them feel strong physically and spiritually.


Since they like to live in an orderly and planned manner, the natural stones suitable for them are amethyst and jade. Amethyst stone gives high energy and helps reduce the stress of Virgos.


Its natural stones are coral and pink quartz. While coral stone gives a relaxing effect, pink quartz helps balance love feelings.


Natural stones are Obsidian, which is useful in relieving anxiety, and Garnet stones, which increase dreaming.


Natural stones are Sodalite, which strengthens logic and intuition, and Topaz, which gives calmness, serenity and happiness.


Its natural stones are Amber, which is beneficial for heart and neck disorders, and Ruby, which increases life energy.


Its natural stone is silver, which increases creativity. Additionally, silver reduces stress.

The natural stone of Pisces , one of the water signs, is the moonstone, which is known to be good for the lymph nodes.