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What is Bohemian Style?

Bohem Tarz Nedir?

In this article, we will provide you with information about what bohemian style is and about breathing new life into homes with bohemian style .

What is Bohemian Style? A New Breath for Homes with Bohemian Style 

In this article, we will provide you with information about what bohemian style is and about breathing new life into homes with bohemian style . Recently, the interest in renovating home decoration and hosting different styles has been increasing. Bohemian style examples are among the examples that are frequently wondered about in this home decoration renewal business. Come together, what is bohemian style? How about bringing a new breath to homes with bohemian style? 

What is Bohemian Style? 

Bohemian style, which is very popular today and one of the most preferred styles of today, is frequently preferred in interior and exterior architecture and in the fashion world. So, how many of us really know and wonder what bohemian style is ? Let's consider the answer to this question together under this heading. The word Bohemian comes from the French word "la boheme". In ancient times, when France had the largest gypsy population, people living in a place called "Bohemia" created the bohemian style, which has survived from past to present and means carefree, carefree and casual. 

It is described as the life of those who live a carefree and carefree life, where the influence of gypsies who lead a nomadic life is high. Bohemian style emerged after the French Revolution. After the revolution in France, the intellectual and educated people living in this region were laid off from their jobs and exposed to difficult living conditions, and the influence of the bohemian style became more evident and was reflected in their lifestyles. 

Bohemian style, which embraces things that are ordinary, carefree and comfortable, is actually for everyone. This style does not stereotype itself with any gender, age or size. This style, created in accordance with a nomadic lifestyle, is inspired by those who lead a bohemian life, as its name suggests, and incorporates objects, colors and patterns from various parts of the world. 

Bohemian style decoration, which is very similar to today's decorations and is the closest style we can give as an example, emerged in Paris in the 19th century and spread to various countries of the world over time. This style, which is far from ordinary and contains interesting elements and has a free spirit, is unique, colorful and original. 

We have no doubt that the bohemian style, which has a very colorful and free stance, will be appreciated by those with different tastes and styles. Now, to answer the question of what bohemian style is, how about taking a look at bohemian decorations that we think will look very stylish in our homes? 

Neutral Colored Walls 

Neutral colored walls are among the first examples that come to mind among bohemian style decoration examples. The color of the walls is an important factor in choosing a bohemian style decoration example. Color choices also have an important place in bohemian style. If you want to reflect the complex texture of colors and patterns in a balanced way, choosing light tone colors would be a good choice. 

Warm earth tones, fuchsia pink, reddish brown and burgundy are among the most preferred colors in bohemian color choices. If you want to apply the bohemian style in your homes, you should not forget to choose such color choices. The selected colors can be used on neutral colored walls and you can experience the harmonious dance of colors in every corner of your home. 

Stylish Furniture 

Stylish furniture is created by combining different pieces in bohemian style. Therefore, you do not have to stick to a single option when it comes to furniture. By using various furniture alternatives that you like, you can create a polyphonic unity and create a remarkable atmosphere. In addition, comfortable furniture is a must for a bohemian style in decoration. This is how we can briefly talk about stylish furniture . 

Tasteful Lighting and Accessories 

Tasteful lighting and accessories are the most basic and complementary elements in bohemian decoration. At this point, instead of using only lighting products, you can use different lighting options such as lampshades, floor lamps and candlesticks in your homes. Live flowers and wicker pots are also among the tasteful lighting and accessories that will complement the lively style. 

You can display your favorite accessories in various places in your home, and these accessories can include photo frames, glass frames and many other examples. It's all about your personal likes and tastes.