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What are the Benefits of Honey Almond Soap?

Bal Badem Sabununun Faydaları Nelerdir?

Honey almond soap, obtained from the combination of honey and almond oil, will give the skin a smooth appearance with the anti-aging effect of almond oil while the honey nourishes the skin.

What are the Benefits of Honey Almond Soap?

Honey almond soap , obtained from the combination of honey and almond oil, will give the skin a smooth appearance with the anti-aging effect of almond oil while the honey nourishes the skin. While it prevents acne and pimple formation, it is among the natural soaps that you can use for existing acne and pimples. If you have dry skin type and feel tension on your skin when you come from outside, especially in the winter months, you can wash your skin once a day with honey and almond soap, which is effective in maintaining the PH balance of the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may prefer this natural soap, which gently cleanses the skin thanks to the vitamin E it contains. Since it is anti-aging, it is also recommended for use when wrinkles begin to form.

Our skin can suffer from the tiredness of the whole day, causing us to appear weak and exhausted to the people around us, and the bruises under our eyes express the tiredness of the body. In these cases, the tiny honey and almond soaps you carry in your bag will help you. When you first soap your hands and then your skin with this soap, you will both feel mentally relaxed and your skin will relieve that tension and fatigue. You can soap your skin with honey and almond soap at the end of the day, or when you wake up in the morning, you can soap your face with this natural soap and start the day dynamically and relaxed.

When you want to cleanse your skin after make-up, you can clean your make-up with the help of honey and almond soap instead of chemical-containing products.

Due to Covid, the epidemic disease of our age, the importance given to hand hygiene has increased. It is recommended to wash hands with natural bar soap for at least 20 seconds. While some soaps cause dryness in hands , honey-almond soap will add baby-like softness to your hands with the moisture-retaining properties of honey.

You can also take refuge in honey and almond soap for skin injuries. It will lead to the healing of skin wounds with its restorative effect.

Honey almond soap , which is also widely used for hair, adds shine and vitality to the hair with the effect of honey, strengthens the hair follicles with the effect of almonds and is effective against hair loss and wear. It is primarily recommended for dyed and damaged hair.

You can put honey and almond soap in your children's bags and soap their hands with these soaps both in schools and courses. Not only will chemicals not enter their tiny bodies, but they will also protect themselves from viruses and bacteria.

Natural Honey Almond Soap

What are the Making Steps of Honey Almond Soap?

The ingredients to be used are olive oil, water, lye or sodium hydroxide, almond oil, coconut oil and honey.

Let's come to the construction phase. First of all, there are some issues that need to be taken into consideration. Ash water called lye is caustic. Care should be taken during use. Contact with skin should be avoided. Since lye will mix with water, smoke will form during the mixture, and because of its caustic nature, goggles, gloves and a mask must be used.

The containers in which the soap mixture will be made are also important and need to be taken into consideration. Stainless steel or tempered glass containers may be preferred. Products such as aluminium, plastic and copper are not recommended no matter what soap you make. The mixing apparatus to be used for the mixture can be heat-resistant silicone or steel. While shaped containers can be chosen as soap containers, plain soap molds can also be preferred.

We can start the construction phase. As stated above, add 250 ml of water to a suitable container and 1 cup of Lye into the water with constant stirring. Since this process will cause smoke, it is also useful to keep some distance. Next is 250 ml of olive oil, heated in the microwave for 1 minute. Meanwhile, continue stirring the mixture and let the mixture cool down. Then add 75 ml of almond oil, 75 ml of coconut oil and 4 teaspoons of honey and mix. Meanwhile, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into it, it will have a pleasant scent. Even if you don't add it, your soap will smell very nice and natural. Now you can pour the soap into the soap molds you want. Wrap the soaps just like the yoghurt fermentation process, you can use a towel for this. Now the saponification process has begun. When you check after 24 hours, if the soaps are hot and still soft, you should wait another 24 hours, but if they are hard and cold, put them on a paper such as baking paper and leave them to dry, checking for 4 weeks. Once you are sure it is completely dry, you can store your soaps in an airtight container. Now you can use your soaps wherever you want.