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Change the Air of Your Garden with Gardening Ideas

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First of all, if you live in a house with a garden, take photos of your garden from different angles to see the details.

Change the Air of Your Garden with Gardening Ideas

First of all, if you live in a house with a garden, take photos of your garden from different angles to see the details. Choose accessories according to the size of your garden. For small gardens, do not use too large accessories. Instead, place a single statue or sculptural plant. Think of every corner you want to create in the garden as a room in your house. Change the atmosphere of your garden with these garden landscaping ideas . Before shopping, get interesting accessory ideas from various garden decoration magazines and sites. So you can get more design ideas. Change the atmosphere of your garden with garden landscaping ideas thanks to the many options offered to you.

Creating a Natural Concept from Recreation Areas

You can create integrity by creating natural-looking cedars around a tree in your garden. It is possible to create a natural concept in relaxation areas by randomly placing potted plants, colorful and fluffy pillows, blankets, and a few garden lanterns. You don't need to make too many changes in order to not hinder the natural flow of your garden and to create a wonderful break point for yourself in nature. Creating a natural concept from recreation areas with small, cute garden products that will not exceed your budget is an advantageous option.

Ground Lighting Method

If possible, apply ground lighting at different points throughout your garden, symmetrically. White or fluorescent colored lights can create an overly bright and harsh environment. It also becomes a great target for insects with its phosphorescent color. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a floor lighting method that gives light in softer and natural tones and can be charged with solar energy. You can create a clear effect with this type of lighting when you use it at strategic points such as along the pedestrian path, in the corners of the seating area, close to the garden gate, at the entrance of the house.

Make Colorful Flowers Bloom in Your Soul

There is no detail that suits a garden better than flowers! You can decorate your garden with colorful seasonal flowers as you wish. Let colorful flowers bloom in your soul with a riot of colors that will lighten your mood and be very good for you. This way, you can start each new day refreshed. You can put your flowers in large pots and create eye-catching exhibition areas by creating collages from these pots. Create a magical atmosphere in your garden by hanging flowers on your walls or trees using macramé , let colorful flowers bloom in your soul with other alternatives and enjoy your colorful garden.

Fresh Greens from the Garden to the Kitchen

It is very easy to grow fresh herbs, which can be considered simple salad ingredients , from the garden to the kitchen . Plants such as mint, parsley, rosemary, lettuce, spring onion and fennel can be easily grown without requiring much land or much care. You can produce for your own needs by planting fresh greens from the garden into the kitchen in a few wooden boxes. Why not do this when you can enjoy the salads you pick from your garden? If you want, you can use specially prepared plant seeds, or you can bury these plants in the ground and wait for them to grow again day by day. Of course, you should not forget to water the soil as it dries.

Gazebo and Garden

You should definitely use a pergola in a corner, not only to take shelter in the rain and protect yourself from the sun, but also to experience the feeling of being under a roof in your garden. You can evaluate the harmony of the pergola and the garden by placing a dining table or picnic bench, a double swing or a long, thin sofa under it and resting in this secluded corner as you wish. You can listen to music at all hours, drink coffee and read a book in the gazebo area, which you can create with a wooden or wrought iron frame and plenty of ivy plants. If you have a romantic gazebo and garden dream, then you can plan a bright and magnificent gazebo by using a combination of white wrought iron and pale pink flowering climbing roses. To create a warming image at night, you can use LED fairy lights or use solar-charged lighting.

Macrame Swing

The Shade of Green Suits Everywhere

You do not need to use green areas in your garden only on the ground. You can bring greenery to the structures that serve different purposes, such as outbuildings, tool rooms, and water tanks, in the area in a very simple way. With this method, the shade of green looks good everywhere . You can bring together a light layer of soil that will not disturb the balance of the roof and green plants that require low maintenance and do not need much water. In this way, instead of disturbing the environment, you can arrange your garden structures as a part of the environment and support the appearance by placing plenty of potted plants around them. With these few methods , the shade of green looks good everywhere .