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What is Avocado? Where Does It Grow? What are the Benefits of Avocado Soap?

Avokado Nedir? Nerede Yetişir? Avokado Sabunu Faydaları Nelerdir?

Sinceavocado soap is an oily soap, it will add moisture to your skin. It is recommended to use it especially if you have dry skin type.

What is Avocado?

Avocado is a useful fruit, oval and pear-shaped, with a dark green exterior and a creamy interior. Its homeland is central Mexico, and it can be grown from Antalya to Iskenderun, where the Mediterranean climate prevails in our country. Its other name is Crocodile Pear.

How to Consume Avocado?

In order for the avocado to be consumed, it must be ripe, that is, it must be soft. The most common mistake is to try to consume it as soon as it is bought, like other fruits. If you try to consume it directly, that is, in a hard form, without waiting for it to ripen, you will not be able to taste any avocado, and you may not even want to buy an avocado again.

How to Ripe Avocado?

If the avocado you purchased is soft, it is ready for consumption. If it is hard, add your avocado to a paper bag next to the apple or potato. Close the mouth of your paper bag so that it does not get light. It will soften, that is, ripe, within two or three days. In this way, the shells will peel off very easily. You can consume it for breakfast or by adding it to your salads. You can store your ripe avocado in your refrigerator. Another common mistake is storing unripe avocados in the refrigerator. This method causes the inside of your avocados to darken. You should store your unripe avocados in a cool environment away from sunlight and consume them immediately. You should put it in the refrigerator after it ripens.

How Should I Store Avocados to Prevent It from Darkening?

If you have consumed half of your ripe avocado and the other half is left, there are many methods to save it for the next day. One of these is to put lemon on the green part of the remaining avocado, that is, the inside, and cover the open part with the peel and put it in the refrigerator in a closed container. Sometimes this method can darken your avocado. The most effective method is to keep it in the refrigerator in a jar filled with water or a suitable container. Fill your jar with water, put your half-finished avocado in it, close the lid and put it in your refrigerator. Your unfinished avocado will neither darken nor change its taste.

What are the benefits of avocado?

Avocado, which is especially at the top of diet tables, has many benefits . Avocado, which is known to create a feeling of fullness, contains fiber, fat and potassium. It is also very successful in losing weight because it contains low sugar and stimulates the intestines.

Since it does not have a specific taste like breast milk, it is one of the most preferred foods around the 6th month, when babies have just started to eat complementary foods.

Its benefits have also been proven in cardiovascular diseases and are recommended for consumption by patients with conditions such as blood pressure.

It has a probiotic effect for intestinal health.

It also contains vitamins that strengthen immunity. Consuming it, especially by school-age children, will both prevent common diseases in this period and support children in this direction as they are in the age of growth and development.

With its skin rejuvenating properties, avocado is a food that should not be missing from our tables.

Avocado fruit is also rich in vitamin K. That's why it is very important for bone health.

What are Avocado Recipes?

If you are going to consume avocado for breakfast, it is worth mentioning that it goes very well with eggs. You can create unique flavors according to your taste by adding your favorite spices.

You can prepare avocado sauces for breakfast. You can get a perfect sauce with the avocado, cheese and walnut trio, and you can also add olive oil if you want.

You can cut it into cubes in your salads and it will go well with your dinners.

Since avocado is not a sweet or salty fruit, you can mix it with sweets or consume it with salty foods.

Natural Avocado Soap

What are the Benefits of Avocado Soap?

Since avocado soap is an oily soap, it will add moisture to your skin. It is recommended to use it especially if you have dry skin type. If your skin is combination or oily and you suffer from acne formation, it is recommended that you soap your skin once a day with avocado soap, which will balance the oil on your skin.

Avocado soap, which also stands out as an anti-aging agent, adds vitality to the skin.

It is also suitable for skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Avocado consumed during pregnancy supports your baby's brain development.

It is also a natural and miraculous soap for sun spots on the skin.

Avocado soap, which is suitable for use on your body during the bath, will provide your skin with elasticity and a vigorous appearance.

Recently, bar soap has been recommended for hand washing. You can keep bar soap in small storage doors in your bag. When you wash your hands with avocado soap , you will have baby-like, soft hands.