CENSERYou can use essential oils in your home or office, especially because it offers a balanced scent output.
It helps you to use it much more easily.


What is a Censer ?

The censer is a kind of container that has been used since historical times, used to safely remove the smoke of the fragrant substances burned in it and to hold the ashes. These containers, which are generally used in homes, religious places and offices, fill the environment with a pleasant smell by spreading the smoke of the odoriferous materials put inside.

How to Use a Censer?

The use of the censer is quite simple, but it is necessary to be careful. It is important not to approach the burned odorant with flame and to keep the censer away from flammable materials. Also, the quality of the fragrance ingredients used can affect the results, so using high-quality ingredients gives better results.

Incense or fragrant substance is put inside: The odorant to be put into the censer is usually natural plant extracts, resins, spices and aromatic substances. The substance to be used depends on the size of the censer and the preference of the user.

Fragrance is burned: Since the materials used in the censer are usually natural materials, they are burned using an igniter. The igniter used is special products sold with the censer, or regular matches or lighters can also be used.

Wait a few seconds for the smoke to spread: After the odorant is burned, wait a few seconds and then let the censer smoke spread.

Censer holder types can be placed wherever desired: Since the censer is used to spread a pleasant smell to the environment, it can be placed wherever the user wants. For example, if it will be used at home, it can be placed in the living room or bedroom.

Ingredients Required When Using a Censer May Include The Following:

The materials required for the censer models can be divided into two types as aromatherapy oils, volatile and fixed. It is important that the oil you prefer is an essential oil. These oils are obtained by distillation of special plants. Since it is produced in a concentrated structure, it is sufficient to use it in the form of small drops. When you are not using the oil, it is very important to store it in a cool place out of sunlight.

If the place where you want the smell to spread is large, it is recommended to use more censer instead of increasing the amount of oil. The use of excess oil does not increase the benefits of censer. You should also put oil and water in the bowl of the product.

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